Rent Apartments to Monsters in ‘Unholy Heights’

Already available on PC and the Japanese XBLIG store, developer Petit Depotto has been readying their monster sim / fighter Unholy Heights for its stateside release. The delay is for good reason; nobody on the development team speaks English.

Never fear. Fresh translation work in hand, the game hits peer review shortly. Taking on the role of the Devil, you settle down to the life of being a landlord, renting out to a variety of monsters (because they need a place to live too). You’ll adjust prices, fix up the place, and battle human ‘heroes’ set on their eviction, leveling up your tenants in preparation for world domination. You’re the Devil, after all, what did you think you were doing this for? With the addictive elements of a management sim combined with Tower Defense, it could be quirky fun.


Unholy Heights will likely see release soon, and will run you $2.99 (based on other versions). If you want to follow the developer (in Japanese), you can do so here.

Unholy Heights - Screen 

5 thoughts on “Rent Apartments to Monsters in ‘Unholy Heights’”

  1. Any reviews or personal impressions for this game yet? It has me interested with the tower defense (I’m a sucker) and monster angles, but I’ve been burned before on TD games on XBLIG.

    1. Haven’t had the chance to play anything yet, now that I’m officially stateside, though it’s on the shortlist of games to get to. I like the dressing, though I share your apprehension. TD games just don’t do much for me. Guess I’ll see how it stacks up.

  2. Well, it been a long time since I have seen something interesting from japan, only La Mulana and Xenoblade Chronicles, (much better game than Skyrim, personal opinion). I have not play Metal Gear Solid 4 for the reasons you already know., so cant speak about that one.
    Huh? Hello? I guess Tim got a sudden arthritis, just like Taxi drivers are getting eye infections and secretaries are wearing panties so the boss have to send them home for too much clothing. Thx god strippers dont know how to play games. I liked Plants vs Zombies, if this game is as fun as that one, it already got my dollar, more than that and I will have to think, GTA V leave me broke.

    1. GTA V is leaving a lot of people broke, I think, and certainly occupying their time. I don’t expect indies will be having much success during the coming weeks / month, not with that game out. I’m holding off on buying GTA for now, leaving for a trip in a few days so I need all the money I can get. Otherwise, I’d be playing along with everyone else. It’s like a 200-hour game (!) if you want to do everything, not to mention the multiplayer side. 🙂

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