REVIEW: Project Rap

Call it stating the obvious, but you don’t tend to get a lot of mileage out of novelty games. By definition alone, they don’t inspire much confidence or promise replayability. Something you can drag out for friends once you’re properly shitfaced, or mess around with during some vacant stretch in your mind when imagination has failed to build a better preoccupant. Likewise, Project Rap ($1.00) won’t make you a better rapper.

What it will do, though, is make you laugh, and, you know, entertain you, for a few minutes. Which is about all you can ask of a novelty toy. The game is essentially a build-your-own-joke machine, one part focusing on a ’Yo Mama’ fight against the AI (or a local friend), the other on a freestyle session where you can choose the end rhyme of a lyric, or design your own, completely from the in-game library (500 words).

Consider it like a PaRappa the Rapper: ‘8 Mile’ version, or maybe that awful Wilmer Valderrama show on MTV. The lyrics are sung by one of four aspiring wordsmiths, comically auto-tuned, chipmunk-ed, and tweaked to sound different. You can play it off serious if you like, though more often than not, your choices are limited by the difficulty and what words the game decides to throw out there. Intentionally or inadvertently, you’ll be crafting some pretty bizarre rhymes.

There is some legitimate challenge in that if you look for it, though. In addition to the various difficulties that shrink your word pool, the AI will outclass and out-diss you. Scoring factors in not only your ability to rhyme, but the speed at which you spit said verses. The lowest difficulty will always highlight the best word choice for you, but at higher tiers, you’ll have to spot the matches on your own. With the limited time between lines, students of grammar will have a leg up on competition, stringing together combos like a true playa would.

Project Rap - Screen

All I can think of when I hear ‘Single Ladies’ is this, unfortunately.

With only two real song types in the jukebox, there’s a definite chance the game will stale over time. Two player mode (because it’s always better to have a corporeal target) is arguably the best option at holding off that tedium, and where the most fun can be had. Wordplay and mama jokes aside, there’s a defensive cheap… ahem, ‘sheep’ move, that you can use to eliminate your opponent’s potential rhymes, to their bleating chagrin.

It sports some depth, but that ridiculousness cements Project Rap’s place as being purely a party game. Online leaderboards, and the ability to save and playback all performances, gives it some added value and humor. It’s not going to make your (or anyone’s) ‘Best Of’ list, or increase your ‘skillz’ on the real-life mic, but hey, that’s alright. I LOL’ed.

15 thoughts on “REVIEW: Project Rap”

  1. Uhh….
    Hey Xionix did you try Primal Carnage on PC?
    Its really fun.
    Silver’s new masterpiece really shouldn’t exsist.
    They can do better.
    XBLIG is really falling on hard times fast.

    We’re all gonna die from insanity if this trend continues.
    “And Scaos will rise from the corpse of the last great XBLIG game. Upon opening his dreadful maw, the sinkeeper will let out a blast of pure vitrol. Thus eliminated will be the gamers who embraced quality releases.”

    1. Primal Carnage? No, I have not, but I google it a looked pretty cool, its got dinosaurs (I should have figured that one out). But I connect via my cellphone and my data plan is very limited, alas, I cant play online.

  2. Thx for the code TIm, its look like a simple game to pick up and play, maybe my niece will be able to play and enjoy when she came over. And it will teach me how to be cool and stuff. Btw did you see Silver Dollar new masterpiece? I really not blame them, if the consumers not appreciate it real good work, why bother, although its sad for me, the really got talent. I hope the PC version of OFDP sells a lot, so at least we see more of their work on PC. So far my most anticipated indies on Xbox are Axiom Verge (I saw you mentioned on the Magicians review, another discover in the comments section), Damn Of The Ronin and Astralis. Lets wait how those games turn out, although I know all of the will be good.

    1. Simple enough, I think. Definitely better for two players, too. Yeah, I saw the Silver Dollar game. Oh well. Sad thing is, gamers might embrace that game more than they did OFDF. It’s a strange world we live in.

      Glad I could introduce you to those upcoming games! 🙂 Probably going to be running a preview for Axiom Verge soon, just to get the latest trailer / media out there. That’s probably going to be one of the last great XBLIGs (on the 360, at least), since the developer is taking his time on it.

    2. It will be a sad day. Though it could all be for naught, as those are only the games I know about. Plenty of mysterious projects brewing. Knew nothing about Magicians & Looters, and that was a nice surprise. Microsoft claims there’s at least two more years left in 360, so there’s reason for indie developers to continue to support it. Not a good financial decision for some, but creatively, it’s viable.

    3. Yeah, I not even got a year with my 360, in this gen I was a PC gamer because was the only way to find a lots of indie games. But now is different, I will not wait till the end of the next gen to buy me a new console. But I will play 1st some of the games I missed. But new technology scares me (retails), Metal Gear went open world =( , I know fans love that, but, I NOT LIKE EVERY F$#$% FRANCHISE TURN OPEN, every week they release a open world game. I will get my GTA V yes, but I want variety in my console. Look Bioshock and Half Life 2, linear gameplay and two of the best games. I will not like every side scroller to be a metroidvania even that I love them so much. Thanks that we got indies to make the change. A pair of double D’s will look better than a C cup on those strippers, but is the lap dance that make the difference, and indies know how to dance.


    4. You pretty much summed up the chief objective of every new console that launches. Improve the graphics so we can make more realistic breasts. …I’m only half-joking.

      I side with Kojima on MGS going open-world. It’s one series that really was bred for open-world, and if it’s done right, I say go for it. From what’s been shown, it looks incredible, and the ‘do anything at any given moment’ gameplay sets up some interesting possibilities. Going stealth? Wait until nighttime, whittle down the guards. Or sneak in during the day, hitch a ride in one of the enemy vehicles, disguises, etc.

    5. I’m not saying it will be bad, its just it will stop being Metal Gear, I dont see Metal Gear gameplay in a open world game (I played in my mind and its feel more like Syphon Filter, only with much better AI). But maybe I’m afraid Tim, afraid of change, but is Kojima is we are talking about, and now he is taking notes from Team Shuriken, they are boobs, means, lots of sales.

    6. Ugh, Syphon Filter… gross. 🙂 Time will tell, but I like the switch only because it presents new opportunities. Games like BioShock and The Last of Us are better because they’re linear, but for Metal Gear, I felt the series was getting a little stale, personally. Long-winded cutscenes, storyline, etc. Still great, but the linearity hurt it over the long line of sequels. This will give it a chance to branch out, I feel. Oh, and Kojima knows boobs are the key to sales, no doubt. He just wraps a very good game around those boobs.

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