Slightly More ‘Murderous’ and More ‘Market’

Murderous Market - UpdateScreen

Party game / kill all your friends-simulator Murderous Market (review) has received an update, introducing a new character and two additional maps (seen in the screenshots here) in which to get your stab on. There’s also been some under-the-hood improvements to the AI and animation, as well as tweaks to the tutorials.

Murderous Market - UpdateScreen2

Those changes feel mostly negligible. It still owes a debt to Hidden in Plain Sight, and I still consider it inferior to that game, though the additional content here does help stretch your dollar a little further. Best enjoyed in a group setting (though playable with bots), it’s worth a look / few laughs the next time you have friends over.

2 thoughts on “Slightly More ‘Murderous’ and More ‘Market’”

  1. Too late, I already got you lot killed in X-Com. (Never giving strange gernades again.)
    If only HIPS had bots.
    It is better on the other counts.

    1. Never give Strange -anything- remotely explosive. There’s a reason he’s not allowed to travel to the U.S. At best, you give him a gun that fires blanks. That way, he can still feel like he’s contributing to the mission, and you don’t have to worry about any ‘incidents’.

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