‘Arcadecraft’ gets Pinball and More in Second DLC

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen

Firebase Industries and Arcadecraft, lover of classic arcades and all things ‘Eighties’ (review), has just dropped Content Update 2, which adds a dozen new cabinets to stock your arcade with. Get the fictional kids into your fictional shop with new two-player simultaneous standups, or the much-requested (and much-delivered) Pinball machines!

Along with that ‘new arcade machine smell’, there’s been some behind the scenes work / re-balancing, to give the game and players a more randomized run each time they play, changing what order machines release in a given year and generally smoothing the edges on the entire experience. Not in this update (but still coming) is the larger arcade space and customization options that have been shown off previously. Some performance / framerate issues are to blame. For the full list of bullet points on Update 2, head over to Firebase’s official press release.

ArcadecraftUpdate - Screen2

11 thoughts on “‘Arcadecraft’ gets Pinball and More in Second DLC”

  1. On FB they have this memory thing and this article was on my feed from 2 years ago. So I’ll take this as a sign, since I’m off Sun and Mon that I’ll be tackling this game again in my free time. I look forward to playing it will all the updates since I don’t think I ever did. I own way to many games but this was one of my fave indies so should be fun.

    1. I think another person-who-was-not-Chris from that article (or one of the others) mentioned Arcadecraft was one of their favorites as well. I find a cannot argue against that claim no matter who makes it. πŸ˜€

    2. It was interesting to see how many people are saying in various articles that it was mainly garbage. I have a hard time saying that with the many great games that exist there. I bet I could put a list of at least 100 games worth every penny and more that are on there. Some I don’t even own just due to the sheer volume of games I do own. The trouble was finding them. It took/takes serious effort and sites like yours to help find them.

    3. It’s hard to dodge that title once you’re stuck with it, first impressions, etc., etc., especially with the (seemingly) long-er list of bad games / mediocre ones. I’m not defending those that would write off XBLIG (or indies in general), but it’s tough to get people to come over to the other side when they have a negative opinion of something, be it justified or not. XBLIG couldn’t convert enough believers in its lifetime, I guess. Still, I’m glad I can do my small part, as others have done (and continue to do). If even one person reads this article or the next, and decides to try out a game he / she normally wouldn’t, mission accomplished. πŸ™‚

    4. Not for XBLIG, but didn’t they add some things for the Steam release? I thought I remembered seeing that but I could be wrong. Makes sense for them to put the effort into PC, but maybe things didn’t work out as well as they’d hoped. So hard to find a sure formula for success that works, and even then you’ve got to have a little luck. :/

      From the top of the page, it looks like they’ve moved on to App Store development, at least for now.

    5. I was going to buy the PC/Steam version but not if it isn’t complete for $10. It was released on Steam in May of 2014 however and that is after the last update shown on the link I provided. Reading through the reviews it doesn’t appear to updated with the larger location. That’s to bad. Mixed reviews mainly due to it feeling unfinished which it is at this point.

      I understand it’s not easy and I hope to best to them/him/her but if they stop by here and read this or the other comments they need to know they were onto something good. Sail la vie.

    6. *C’est la vie. — Having just returned from France, I feel the need to correct you, sir. πŸ™‚

      Ah, well then, that’s the problem. It totally worked as a bite-sized serving on XBLIG, but selling that same game at a higher price on PC isn’t going to net you the same goodwill. Not sure what happened then, because it sounded (at the time, anyway) like that second, larger area was good to go, pretty much. A shame.

      EDIT: You know, I saw that this article was tweeted out on theXBLIG’s feed yesterday, and… I’m not sure how that happened. It wasn’t me, I know that. It’s old news, so… not sure why this particular story was tweeted out. Hmmm.

  2. Nice to see they keep working on this game…..they are taking this game from an 8 or 9 out of 10 to a 10 out a 10 with their free updates. I’m really looking forward to the size update and was hoping it would be on this one but the addition of pinball machines (wondering if I can do just a pinball arcade) should keep me entertained enough till the next DLC/Update.

    1. All Pinball, All the Time… I like it. And it’s really great news for all involved when the developer takes the time to expand their game, fighting against that ‘It’s shipped, now let’s move on to the next project’ mentality that sometimes takes hold. Glad that the game has sold well for them too, as their previous, Orbitron, was sadly neglected.

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