REVIEW: Magicians & Looters

I love surprises. Especially when they’re as pleasant as Magicians & Looters (80 MSP). This is also why I love XBLIG; the chance that someone, somewhere, is crafting a masterpiece right under your nose. Three days ago, I knew absolutely nothing of the game or its existence. Now, I consider it one of the best XBLIGs available, a ‘swords and sorcery Metroidvania’ packed with enough playtime (6+ hours already), variety, loot, and humor to satisfy literally anyone.

The game concerns three apprentices at a school for magicians. When the school is attacked, the head teacher imprisoned and the council commandeered by the requisite evil sorcerer, the trio embarks on a roundabout journey to retrieve their master and rescue the day. The story is solid but knowingly only semi-serious, with some easy laughs and bizarre moments, like a Fruit Magician and a talking cat (which I’m convinced is essential to any good game) that bestows new character powers upon you at key moments.

You get to play as all three students, first in sequence as the story begins, then able to be swapped at every save room. You can (mostly) outfit them as you’d like, buying weapons and accessories from shops, or whatever you unearth in one the world’s many secret rooms or hard-to-reach alcoves (a la contemporary Castlevania). The agile Vienna fights with her bare hands, while her brother Brent relies on a trusty sword / shield combo. Warrior-type Nyn brandishes dual-blades. Each character has their own moveset and upgrades that apply to them. Likewise, you will find that certain areas can only be accessed by specific characters.

Regardless of the situation, they’re all a joy to use, and their individual personalities fit nicely within the game’s story. The dialogue is well-written and well-paced, and it’s genuinely fun just to watch them interact with each other during cutscenes, or upon entering save rooms. Given the adventure theme and pedigree, exploration is of course required. And it’s a breeze, thanks to thoughtful layouts and a handy Metroid-esque map that fills in as you go, and can be observed in-game. The compass and treasure indicators ensure you never get lost or lose track of spaces to return to once you’ve acquired new items or moves.

It helps that those different hubs feature some incredibly crisp and gorgeous visuals, from a foggy mountain climb to dimly-lit caverns, down to the aesthetics and minutiae (insects and animals, or how the sound is muffled while you’re underwater). Varying enemy types and boss battles populate each area, and they too, much like the music, the animation, controls, the bonus obstacle courses, so on and so on, are handled brilliantly by the game.

Magicians & Looters - Screen

In fact, so much is done right here that it’s odd to find a rather serious complaint. The only knock against the game I can find is its sometimes ridiculously-hard boss fights, ones that require a perfect loadout / character choice (when allowed), the utmost concentration and precision, and more than a little luck. Though you’ll assuredly stumble a half-dozen times or better against one or two of them (the Red Wizard in particular can go right to Hell, to put it nicely), I urge you to keep at it. I am. The rewards outweigh the potential frustration.

Magicians and Looters represents an indie developer at the top of their game. From top to bottom it impresses, at once both fresh and fun, and suffers very few missteps along the way. Almost no other game on the service can match its quality. As such, it joins the expanding Leaderboard pantheon here, a near-flawless adventure you won’t find at retail, an experience that simply shouldn’t be missed.


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58 thoughts on “REVIEW: Magicians & Looters”

    1. And I sincerely thank you for that.

      It’s not as big an achievement since I waited for that update, so I definitely give props to everyone that was able to defeat him -before- the patch. At least I’ll be able to finish the game now. 🙂

  1. So, I just beat the game with almost everything.
    I’m missing a ring or crown in the items list, not sure where to find it… It’s on the bottom row near the left hand side.
    I can’t seem to beat the last obstacle course, the Golem Fight. Holy crap is that hard. So, I’m two level orbs away from max, but all I want it for is swords instead of fruit.
    I had trouble with the Red Wizard too, though not nearly as much as Spud. . If memory serves, I used Nyn, built up my blitz gauge and summoned a wisp outside, then healed and ran in as fast as I could. Rushed him with Blitzing items and let the wisps deal with most of his attacks. His spikes were trouble, and I don’t remember how I dealt with his bombs, but I remember that I went as fast and furious as I could. Nyn gets absurd in Blitz mode, and with the lightning bracelet thing (blitz and blitz move speed) and some other stuff, you can spend more time blitzing than not. Her speed lets her avoid a lot of attacks, though some luck does help with flying cross-room leaps.
    Nyn was my choice for Jocko, too. I like the fireball for picking him out of the crowd, just fire it and chase it down. When it explodes on him, come out swinging, just watch out for circus bear.
    Spud is really annoying, mostly because you can’t really hurt him. Blitzing (Nyn and Vienna’s favorite damage method) is almost useless unless you have the gold ring for extra fireball damage. The Warding Shield finally makes itself useful, though.

    Does anybody know where to pick up the missing item, the one that looks like the crown in the bottom left side?

    1. Look for secret passages in the Valley if you want to hunt down the crown.

      The obstacle golem can be an easy fight, just so long as you don’t fight fair. Either take advantage of the lack of cooldown when shooting fireballs (you can empty your whole mana bar in a split-second), or find a better perch than those floating platforms.

      You said you’re missing two orbs, right? Do you have an idea where the other one is hiding?

    1. They each have a ‘flashback’ segment where you play in order, but after the game opens up, you’re free to swap out whenever you like. Some bosses and navigational secrets require certain characters, too.

  2. Tim, I believe that I’ve found a unique and easy approach to the Red Wizard battle. Like others, I started with Nyn. My loadout was the Melee Eater/Berserker. I found the Berserker exploring shortly before the Red Wizard, so backtrack a little; I don’t THINK that you’ll need to go as far back as Castle Looter (and you’ll probably want Vienna). Then, I took the Wolf Tooth (extra health and sustained berserker mode) and the Gauntlet (extra health and mana). From here, there were only really two strategies that I used.

    I summoned wisp before going into the room with the fight; this handles his opening projectile attack, and if you do this correctly, you won’t be dealing with another. From there, I completely ignored his ground spike and ball attacks; the goal is to immediately jump into berserker mode and sustain it throughout the fight, dishing out tons of damage quickly. With this loadout, he can’t damage you fast enough to kill you, assuming you survive the tough part of this battle.

    And then the deathball blitz happens. Immediately run to the far left side of the screen, past where the first bomb appears. Use your fruit spell to take out the first bomb, then run to the right side of the screen and underneath the other bombs. If a bomb drops low, you can jump over it. This will cause the majority of the remaining bombs to crash into each other and self-detonate. You may have 1-3 bombs remaining, but now you have some distance and time. Take them out with some well-placed fruit spells, or jump over them and let them crash into each other or the wall.

    When the Red Wizard disappears, you should still have berserker mode up. Either way, hack him to death, once again ignoring his other attacks. If you give him time to breath, he can summon more bombs. If you stay on him, he should go down in seconds.

    Hope this helps. The next boss, Jocko, is proving more difficult for me.

    This is a great game. Kudos to the folks that made it.

    1. Hey Donathin. Thank you very much for the new strategy. I’ve taken a break from the game for now, but I -fully- intend to return to it soon. No way I can let that bastard (Red Wizard) win, so this will really come in handy during one of the numerous new attempts I make. 🙂

      I’m still missing one secret in that general area, so maybe that’s the fabled Berserker. Can’t quite remember the spot, though I hadn’t yet figured out how to access the area to get it. I’ll have to give that another look as well.

      Given how close I’ve come to defeating him on a handful of occasions, I wonder if that damn sword is all I really need to finally win. I’ve heard that Jocko was a pretty stiff fight, so I’m not exactly looking forward to victory. Thank you again, though, for taking the time to write out that strategy. I will make good use of it. 🙂

    2. Jocko wasn’t so bad once I figured out the trick to seek him out when he hides amidst a crowd of Jockos. Even without the Berserker sword, if you have Melee Eater, I think you can take the Red Wizard if you try my means of avoiding the bombs and outfit yourself for berserking and high health. Good luck! 🙂

  3. I have beaten the entire game without much trouble. I did die a lot though. An odd thing happened after another play through. I got a strange error message and it kicked me out of the game. I hope it can be fixed. Despite what happened, this is without a doubt one of the better xblig. For $1.00, not bad at all.

    1. Thanks for the comment, sir, and congrats on besting the game. How did that Red Wizard boss battle go for you? I’m still stuck on the damn thing, so any particularly vital strategies you have for that fight, I am all ears.

      As for the error, do you remember what it said / how it happened? If so, head over to the developer’s site ( and shoot them a quick email so they can try and sort it out.

    2. Karogen. Did this crash happen after an especially long playing session?
      Sorry, Tim. I don’t mean to bug-hunt in your forum; but Karogen, if you have the time, please start a new thread anywhere on the mal-game forum. Even if you don’t have much information to share, it will help to know that this problem exists. We really want to squash these bugs.

    3. No problem. Hopefully it helps. The ‘comments’ section usually winds up being a little bit of everything, and I’m quite alright with it. 🙂

  4. I have to say I bought this on a whim after reading the first few lines of this review and I have to agree with some of the above comments, this is the best XBLIG in a long long time if not out right. People may be put off by the combat but its crucial to battle to get the loot needed for the upgrades. This reminds me so much of playing Prince of Persia on my Sega Mastersystem. Cudos to the developers fro making such a brilliant game!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Pete, and I am always glad when others take a chance on a game because of something I wrote about it. 🙂

      The Prince of Persia vibe is a good catch, as I had that same thought at certain points. Was wondering if anyone else would mention it. I’ve heard the argument on combat go both ways. I personally am fine with it, though I can see how others would find it boring or repetitive. Basically, however you feel about the combat / grinding in the contemporary Castlevania games, you’ll likely think the same for Magicians & Looters. That aside, though, the developers did great work here.

  5. Are we still sharing Red Wizard strategies? I died a lot at first by trying to be too offensive. Most of his attacks aren’t too hard to dodge if you pay attention, but they do tons of damage and he can clear out your health in seconds. In particular, you want to make sure you’re NEVER next to him when he teleports, because he’ll almost always use the ground spikes attack and that does a lot of damage. The orbs can be dealt with by always having a wisp around. Other than that, focus more on dodging, and wait until the right moment to get some good hits in.

    As for equipment, I forgot the names but I had items that improved the Blitz, as it seemed I was doing most of the damage while in blitz mode.

    1. Ha! We’re ALWAYS sharing Red Wizard strategies here, at least until I can beat the sonofabitch.

      I feel that I’m almost there, but I only try a handful of times before quitting out now. I’m clearly setting a record for number of attempts to beat a boss, but the fact that I even care to continue trying says the game is worth it. The wisps and fruit spell have make certain parts of the fight easier (and even routine, if I dare to say it), though those bombs continue to be the death of me. They seem freakishly able to spawn on top of me now matter how much to one side I get after the ‘laugh’ that summons them.

      Had my fill of death for tonight, though, so I’ll pick up again tomorrow where my corpse left off. 🙂

  6. So I finally managed to take down the Red Wizard. Unlike Jed’s strategy, my method uses more patience than skill. Go with Brent and the biggest sword you have. Equip the iron shield and wolf tooth for the HP boosts, and the dragon claw for extra mana. Before you start, get two wisps summoned. When he summons the orbs, the wisps will take them out, so that’s your chance to unload on him. Keep the shield up for the huge spikes, and if he walks at you, there is a spike trap coming. Just keep your wisp spell charged and hit when you can.
    When he laughs, get to a corner, and use the fruit spell for the bombs..One always gets through on me, but you can take one. His spike trap will cover more ground now, and he will shoot out a single bomb from time to time, but that is easy to jump over. Use the wisps again for the orb, use that shield, and keep moving. Just don’t be in a rush, watch his patterns, and he will go down.
    Hope this helps someone

    1. It’ll help someone, for sure. There’s a lot to be said for patience, I agree. I’ve done best when following a strict pattern and not trying to force extra hits. I started out using Brent, and thought that was the way to go, but Nyn packs more punch with her swords and the added Blitz. At least for me. Kudos to you for getting it to work with an alternative character. 🙂

      Those bombs continually have been the difference in all my fights. I usually have enough health to take one of them (and I usually do, as it’s damn near impossible to avoid them all or hit them with fruit), but that leaves me near death more times than not, and a simple mistake or bad timing dooms me to restart. I’m encouraged that you and others have been able to beat him, I just can’t seem to catch a break, despite the multitude of strategies now available. Thanks for the added input!

    2. Nice! I often forget about the usefulness of Brent’s shield. You guys will have to let me know what you think of the Jester boss fight. There’s also a “hidden” boss fight that I’m struggling with (trying to find all the secrets before the final battle).

    3. Ah, the jester. I found him a bit tougher than the wizard, because he demanded perfect dodging. The dancing bracelet helped me out there.

      I assume the hidden boss is that golem. I have no idea how to beat him. Did you find the sword in Bogswallow yet? I need that and four orbs.

    4. The sword you have listed in Bogswallow is the Quadstriker, right? That hint is an error. You can find the Quadstriker in Castle Looter, not Bogswallow.

      Also, the Chasm has four orbs and you can collect all four orbs, but the world map will only ever tell you that you’ve found three.

    5. Yeah I don’t recognize the name Quadstriker, so I’m sure that is it. I didn’t count how many orbs I’ve collected in area. All I know is that I am missing three from having them all. I am also missing an item (slot after the gauntlet before the silver ring, 2nd in the bottom row if I remember correctly; it says located in ???), kinda looks like a crown I think. I’ll continue to strike edges of walls and walk into them I guess. There needs to be a completed map up somewhere…. though I wish the game was 10 times the length, I love it.

    6. I’ll take the Jester OR a Golem at this point, so long as either doesn’t materialize any bombs at any point of the fight! 😉

  7. Quality review. I was on the fence about this game. Played the trial and was impressed, but didn’t know if the developer could keep it up over the course of a decent-sized adventure. I was also worried it wouldn’t even BE a decent-sized adventure. After reading this, I purchased it (one dollar, I know, such a sacrifice…) and I’m happy to say that you are absolutely right and I’d honestly have paid more for this. Anyone reading this comment who is on the fence: you CANNOT go wrong here. Not for a dollar. This is some serious bang for your buck, if you’ll excuse the pun.

    1. Excellent, and thank you for the comment. 🙂 I always appreciate it when a review helps convince someone to take a look at a game they might have otherwise skipped, and Magicians & Looters is very deserving.

  8. Hey Tim, I beat the Red Magician today after dying about 20 times. Here’s what I did:

    First, you should use Nyn, the girl who can wield two swords. The other two characters just don’t have the strength to deal with this guy. The problem, as you know, is that this guy WILL overwhelm you and whittle down your health if you don’t take him out as fast as possible.

    Nyn has the strength because she can equip two swords. Equip Berserker, which ups your attack significantly when your “trance bar” (can’t remember the specific term) fills up. Equip Melee Eater, which allows you to keep your “trance” as long as you land hits. The other part of the battle is won with magic. Thus, you’ll need items that boost your magic. Equip Tinkleberry and Gauntlet (the latter of which also gives you a needed health boost).

    The key to attacking him effectively is knowing his patterns and dodging his spells when you can (also, the attack where he shoots balls of light can be totally wiped out if you summon a wisp — do this at the beginning of the battle before you engage him). If you have the time to crouch and attack him, do so because you can attack faster like this. The key is to take the least amount of damage possible while dealing sword damage to him as fast as possible.

    Eventually, as you know, you’ll get to the part where the blue bomb bastards show up. The best thing to do initially is to run to one side of the stage. The problem is not coming into contact with a bomb while doing so. Sometimes you can slide underneath one. If you have enough health (which is ideal), you can take one hit and still have a chance. Get to one side in the best way you can, and use the fruit spell strategically to take out all the bombs.

    If you survive this, make sure to position yourself as close to him as possible (on top of him is the best), because he’s going to immediately do a wicked ground spike attack that radiates outward. Jump right as he does this and land on the ground where he’s standing. You then need to go back to the initial strategy of dodging and attacking effectively — but be CAREFUL. Right before he dies, he shoots out one last blue bomb bastard. Get out of the way and hit it with fruit or fire, and then get back on top of him. With skill and a little luck, I really believe this is the best way to beat him.

    1. Jed, first off, a major, major thank you for the detailed explanation. Honestly, I appreciate it, and it‘ll help some others out, I’m sure.

      At least I was headed in the right direction, it sounds like. I had Nyn, although I’ll have to track down the Berserker (is that something you buy or find?). Otherwise, I had Melee Eater equipped for the second sword, and the Tinkleberry / Gauntlet combo going, although I also had some success with the Red / Blue skulls equipped, at the expense of lower health.

      I was sort of ‘cheating’ with the trance gauge, building it up beforehand so I’d head into it right away once the boss battle started. That was working pretty well, too. Big thanks to Ryan below for giving me the tip about the Fruit spell. I had honestly forgotten all about it at that point, so I was / am doing alright for the first part of the battle, saving up on mana. I’ll give the wisp trick a try, as that seems like a better alternative.

      That second part with the bombs is what’s giving me the most trouble. I can usually take one hit from the blast, but that drops me down to almost nothing to finish the fight on, and sliding or running to one side seems like a gamble more than a sure thing. I had the bastard on the ropes earlier, so it’s good to know about that ‘one last bomb’, as that really would have frustrated the hell out of me (should I get to that point again).

      I’m definitely setting aside some time (and some alcohol) tomorrow to see if I can’t get this thing beat, so thanks again for the info.

    2. Honestly, I can’t even remember where I found the Berserker.

      By the way, once you finish off the Magician, you have the Jester to look forward to. He’s not as bad but a pain in the ass nonetheless.

  9. Michael,
    Thanks for checking out our game and posting your concerns.

    Here’s my take on combat in M&L:

    Slaying hordes of enemies is crucial if you want to purchase items and skills. Also, it helps to purchase chances to play in “challenges” which gives you EXP orbs.

    We also chose to make walking through enemies possible to satiate the desires of the “run through” gamers that strive to finish the game as fast as possible.

    New abilities later in the game make combat more fun. The game keeps with traditional RPG style of starting off with nothing and being kind of lame to being a tyrannical Jedi ninja master later.

    I hope this helps 🙂

    1. Thanks for the reply. I might buy it and run through just for the sheer poops and snickers of it. I do heart myself some SotN.

      One thing though, as a speed runner: speed running a game actually becomes less fun when you have nothing to do and nothing to keep you honest. The tension, though it causes us to curse up a storm and hope our windows are closed because OH MY GOD THERE ARE FIRST GRADERS OUTSIDE AND I JUST YELLED “#@$! MY #$&-PIPE!” (true story, Geometry Wars 2 is a harsh mistress), makes every success worth it, and also makes it a fun game for viewers to, um, view.

      All that said, best of luck to you on this one, and I hope you see some decent sales. 🙂

  10. I tried the demo and, sadly, didn’t enjoy it much. The main thing was the combat wasn’t very fun. You can walk through enemies, and though I have no idea if that’s a universal thing (I doubt it is, but it was true with every step of the demo), I just can’t fathom having fun with a game where I have no risk of death between bosses. But even when I wasn’t just running from A to B, the combat consisted of mashing X as fast as my widdle fumb would let me, with some enemies not able to do anything if I crouch and mash.

    Does the combat get any better and do non-boss enemies pose any sort of threat later on? If so, it’s worth a purchase. If not, there’s no reason at all for me to pull the trigger on it.

    1. I can see that. I’m just easy to please when it comes to the Metroidvania types, so mowing down hordes of enemies repetitively (like I do to gain XP in all the newer Castlevania games) doesn’t really bother me. Seeing as how the leveling up here works only by gathering orbs, there’s really no motivation to fight the foot soldiers other than to build a war chest of gold.

      It doesn’t really change the deeper you get into the game. I think outside of one or two new enemy types, you see the majority of what you’ll be fighting in the demo. The only time I’ve had trouble is during the longer stretches between save points, or if I messed up my timing for dodges.

      I know you like your challenges, though, so if you want the fear of death waiting around every corner, I’d suggest trying ‘The Last Fortune’ if you haven’t. Currently, that game sits as old school hardcore in my book, and that was on the -easy- setting. With infinite health activated via a cheat, the last level / boss would give anyone nightmares if they played it straight. Am I ashamed, you ask? No.

    2. Symphony of the Night could be my favorite game, and I always get excited when I see an XBLIG that looks to have some castlevania influence. I’m almost always disappointed with the results though. But so far, I think this game could very well be “the one”. I’m only a few hours into it and I can’t really find any flaws in it. It’s pretty much to Castlevania what Vintage Hero was to Mega Man. I hope it keeps up to the end!

    3. @Mike: So far as indie Metroidvanias go, I don’t think you can ask for much more from Magicians & Looters. The upcoming Axiom Verge (more Metroid than Castlevania, though) is looking good, too. SotN is such a landmark title for a lot of people, so it’s unfair to measure other games against it (in a way), but you’d be right on this one, I think. Impressive stuff, minus that Red Magician boss (…you’ll see).

  11. Lets just say there’s a good reason for the fruit spell. Thwarting huge electric deathballs might be one of them. 😉

    1. Really? Hmm. That might help conserve some mana instead of using the flame spell, but my real trouble is with his second form / attack, when he’s halfway depleted and starts tossing out those random bombs that materialize out of nowhere. They (as well as his spike traps) do such massive damage you have to be damn near perfect just to get to that point, between dodging everything else. I whittled him down to a few final hits, but that’s happened only once.

      Man, unless I’m that terrible (always a possibility), this boss is going to be sticking point for some people, guaranteed.

    2. Boy, am I glad to see I’m not the only one struggling with this bastard of a boss. I’m worried I won’t be able to finish the game, especially when I hear the boss after will be even harder. 😦

      Apparently, Morgopolis is working on a patch that will adress the boss balancing issues so maybe even you and I will be able to enjoy playing through the rest of the game?

    3. I posted a very comprehensive plan for taking this guy down above. Give that a shot! This seems to be the toughest boss for most people, and probably because the fight is fast and furious, and relies less on pattern recognition. Check out my breakdown in the comments above, though, and hopefully that’ll get you through to the next boss!

    4. Donathin, you’re my hero! Your strategy worked perfectly. Beat the red wizard on the second attempt today. 🙂 Tim, if I can make it, you can, too. 😉 Also, I went in blitzing already, which probably helps, too. Now I just hope that Jocko won’t be another roadblock for me.

    5. That’s good news for people like us then, as I still haven’t moved past that damn wizard. 🙂

      Big thanks to Donathin and everyone else that posted tips and tactics, though. That’s helped a lot, actually, and has gotten me within a few hits of beating him.

  12. Your first paragraph pretty much had me sold. I then read the rest of the article and was fully convinced. Then came the trailer and blew me away, not just because the game looks awesome, but also because of how well put together the trailer itself was. In game footage cut together in time with the music and a comedy clip after the credits? That’s how you sell the s**t out of an XBLIG!

    1. Exactly. Between the trailer and the box art, those are potentially two of the biggest selling points for an indie, in terms of getting ‘eyes on’ the product and having gamers get their foot in the door, so to speak.

      And here I thought I had a pretty good handle on the pulse of XBLIG. Despite having trailers, screenshots, and preview stories up since last Fall, I didn’t have a clue this game was coming along. Very nice surprise, but I really, really missed the boat before it got to the shore on this one.

    1. Do it, and when you get to the Red Magician boss about 3/4 of the way in, beat him and tell me how you did it, as I can’t seem to best that bastard. Maybe someone has that unbeatable combination needed to take him down, but I can’t figure it. I’ve gotta rattle off an email to the developer at some point today, find out what I’m doing wrong or if they’re planning on nerfing that boss and / or others.

  13. You know Mr. Hurley, I honestly did not thought any good game would arrive at the XBLIG for a while, so I went retail and got Bioshock Ultimate Rapture, heard many things about those two games. And then I see this. I love those Metroidvania games (my niece got a Wii and I bough La-Mulana, one of the only 3 Wiiware games worth owning). This was kinda a surprise, just like OFDP was. And 6 plus hours for buck? Thats what I pay to the strippers for a 15 seconds dance, so its good theres bang for the money. I hope theres an update to upgrade the lead female boobs, so the game sells well and we see more like it. Someone needs to get some points… guess no strippers or value menu this week.

    1. You can never go wrong with BioShock, and the sequel wasn’t nearly as bad (I thought it was good!) as has been written by some. Multiplayer is a uniquely-fun mix of styles, too. Oh, and you’ll really need to pick up BioShock Infinite before this console generation cycles out. Fantastic games.

      Save the fifteen-second lap dance (that’s it? You’re getting ripped off.) this week and pick up Magicians & Looters. 🙂 It’s probably closer to eight hours of gametime to beat the whole game, maybe even nine or ten hours if you want to collect all the items and find all secrets. Minus some boss troubles, a really great indie game that was a total surprise to me as well.

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