Better Late Than Never, ‘Compromised’ gets Multiplayer DLC

Twin-stick shooter and leaderboard member Compromised may have missed last Fall’s release window for its multiplayer update, and I may have missed its new release window this year by a month (the DLC went live in July), but hey, ‘better late than never’ content added to an already great game is nothing to be upset about.

Now supporting up to four players locally, the DLC adds a really fun co-op stage (see above trailer) that features a streamlined version of the leveling system in the main game, complete with all-new boss fights. If you prefer to make things a little more competitive, the Deathmatch and Hoard (similar to Deathmatch, but with collection) modes will let you sate your appetite for blood on some new and classic maps.

Combine this new batch of modes with the stellar single-player campaign, and you’ve got good reason to check out an old friend, or take a look at a game you might’ve missed the first time around.

4 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never, ‘Compromised’ gets Multiplayer DLC”

    1. Agreed. I was legitimately surprised to see it (and the prettier visuals). A little late, but they are most definitely men of their word. I get the sense that PC is now their focus, and I can’t blame them for that. Nice to know they haven’t written XBLIG off completely.

      Oh, and an amusing side note— It’s been awhile since you’d last commented here, though it was practically foretold. Yesterday (right about this time, too) I got an email for a new comment, and it was for an old reply you had on the StarWings review. Strange that I’d get an email for that 1+ later. Was most definitely an omen.

    2. Hmm. Perhaps WordPress doesn’t want your particular brand of truth going public. It did ask me to approve my own comment on my own site once, so go figure.

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