The Coming ‘Dawn of the Ronin’

UK Developer x35mm‘s Dawn of the Ronin may not exactly be ‘new’ news to you (he’s been teasing images and clips for quite a while), though it does give me the excuse to formally reintroduce (or possibly introduce) the game and put some of the truly breathtaking screenshots and videos on display. Combining two of my favorite things, the Samurai and Unique Visuals, DotR is easily among the most beautiful and anticipated releases coming later this year.

Showcasing the game’s iconic lighting and shadowing.

While the developer’s last game, The Blitz (review), used the same style to good effect, this title is definitely a better fit for the visuals and action that frames it. Set in and around Osaka, and focusing on the fight with the powerful Tokugawa clan, you’re looking to avenge and revenge through some old world beauty and wild countryscapes that just might make you reconsider your life choices… No, no, the focus is definitely on combat.

The above video shows off a ‘cage fight’, using placeholder enemies and for the ‘climbers’ in the background, though the intent is there and provides a clearer view of the battle system, which looks to mimic the fight style of the samurai, and yes, dismember and spray as much blood as possible… swords aren’t for kids.

Dawn of the Ronin is nearing the final stages of development, and is aiming for a late September release. You can follow the developer for updates, and really, just look at the screens below. Damn, death shouldn’t be so pretty.


Dawn of the Ronin - Screen2

Dawn of the Ronin - Screen3

Dawn of the Ronin - Screen5

Dawn of the Ronin - Screen6

Dawn of the Ronin - Screen7

17 thoughts on “The Coming ‘Dawn of the Ronin’”

  1. There had better be Niten Ichi-ryu (Two Swords Technique) … or there will be blood!!!!! Game looks good, though.

    1. The blood part, heavily shaded, will be covered, no problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure on the different styles available beyond High Stance and Low Stance. One thing I didn’t cover in the preview (partially because I love mystery, partially because I didn’t want take it upon myself to confirm) is that there are two characters you play as, a male or female ronin. Whether that has any bearing on your available attacks, or whether the levels / events play out differently, that I do not know.

    1. The Limbo comparison is an easy one, but I’m with you on the anticipation. Really had to force myself to hold off on doing an article for the game until James (x35mm) was nearing the end of development. I wanted others to know about the game, but still have the news be fresh enough in mind to carry it up to release.

  2. Holy ba-dunk-a-dunks!!! I did not know Vanillaware was doing a game for the XBLI channel. But beauty not always equal performance. But, Im man, no matter how much dissapointmen and sorrow I endured in the past, I always have faith again in pretty things. Lets wait and see if beauty talks, and some fun follows it.

    1. Vanillaware’s actually a great comparison to make, as they too use 2D to its fullest in order to achieve some pretty unique, artistic visuals. Beauty gets you in the door, but fun will keep you in the room, agreed.

    1. I can vouch for the beauty, not the controls, unfortunately. I don’t like to make assumptions, though I will -assume- that the controls will be responsive / simple enough to pick up and go with.

    2. Assumptions are dangerous.
      A samurai must always be ready to react to anything.
      I am a huge Samurai Jack fan so seeing stylized samurai works for me.

    3. Glad to see people enjoying the preview!

      Just like to confirm that a lot of work has gone into the controls, so they will be as responsive and fluid as you’d expect them to be, and simple enough to pickup and play =)

      I wont spoil anything other details just yet, but will be trying to ensure that you all find the game enjoyable to play, and not just pretty eye candy =)

    4. Thats good to know, yet again, I have been seduced by beauty and forgot to ask a very important question (its happens to me all the time at the bordellos), at least you are not a pimp and I will not get beat up at the end.
      So… how much?

    5. Price isn’t set yet, but we’re looking at either 80 or 120MSP, or whatever the equivalent is after MS stop using MS-Points in the next few months =)

    6. Unless you consider the bandit enemies to be pimps. Then you will be beat up quite a bit by game’s end. Stay away from the geisha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. this has gotten weird.
      I hope theres a battle along the seaside.
      The waves crashing, the wind blowing, that’d be awesome.
      Maybe even a harbor level where you move from boat to boat fighting enemies and can throw them into the water.

    8. I believe there is a ‘ferry boat’ segment, with combat. For added effect, dinosaurs pop out of the water and try to capsize your ship. …Okay, the last part may be made up.

    9. Thanks tim.
      Except for that last bit. Ya got me hopes up.
      I feel betrayed.

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