REVIEW: Space Hordes

These days, the only thing more omnipresent than a zombie wave shooter is the space-based wave shooter. Considering how many zombie games are on the indie channel, that’s really saying something about its omnipresent-ness. Neither subgenre smacks of originality or elicits much joy. You have to offer something unique if you want to stand out. Throwing its uninspired hat into the interstellar ring, Space Hordes (80 MSP) looks to make a dent by offering up… a typical space-based wave shooter. Hmm. So much for pep talks.

Space Hordes - Screen1

Squint all you want. Your ship’s still small.

Really it’s not all that dire. The twin-stick component works well enough, and the art is evocative of the retro style it claims to mimic. That’s clever marketing-speak used to hide the fact that all of the assets and (eventual) projectiles are tiny, which will make spotting threats harder once chaos settles in. Given that you’re tasked with defending your home base from said threats, and that your very life depends on its survival, the miniature art can be a mixed blessing.

Space Hordes’ only thrown bone comes with its ammo / build system, a very basic tower defense setup that allows you to use funds collected from defeated enemies in order to place defenses (turrets, mines, barriers) around your base as desired. Ammo is selected with the face buttons and comes in various, effective uses such as ‘freeze’ or ‘corrosive’ shots. And once the boss rounds or enemy surges hit, judicious use of both mechanics will be necessary to succeed.

Space Hordes - Screen2

Up to four players can take on enemy squadrons at once, and ideally, the game is designed for that dream of a fully-loaded local multiplayer lobby. With a single man, spending money laying down fire and barriers as quickly as the cash comes in, the challenge clearly outweighs what any one person can manage. Translation: Without backup, you’re sunk. No lone wolf tactics here.

Minus the blandness of another shooter set in non-descript space, there’s really no reason (or hope) in visiting this part of the galaxy if you don’t have one or two friends in tow. Even with those friends, there isn’t anything being done here that you haven’t seen elsewhere many, many, many times over. Pass.

11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Space Hordes”

    1. That looks like an awesome cover. Should’ve been an indie game.
      Dang it.

    2. Comedy Metal is the best Metal. 🙂 ‘Because Boobs’ could be the XBLIG theme song. That cover does belong on a game, agreed.

    1. I’m almost positive a game like that exists somewhere, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to look for it. If someone puts out something new like it, my head will probably explode, a pool of goo will be all that remains.

      @Saansilt: Dinosaurs would be fine. Space Dinosaurs, even better. They don’t get as much play, so I can’t be critical of them. Considering I started writing about games with the profile assertion that I wanted all the zombie games, these last two years have been rough on my love for the undead. Still love ’em, but no desire to play any more cookie-cutter types.

    2. That made me laugh.
      Really did.
      This whole comment string is awesome.
      I hope I don’t end up in the same postion tim with my fandom for dinos.

    3. Oh I almost forgot, a space zombie wave shooter is coming out for iphone soon.

    4. Haha. Glad I could amuse. And you might. We mention dinosaurs so often that ‘Jurassic Park’ is going to start redirecting here.

      And I’m sooooo glad I don’t review iPhone games. There’s plenty of great games on there, don’t get me wrong, but I feel (my opinion, of course) that community and its games are far more repetitive and derivative than XBLIG. Touch screen is great, too, but no match for a good controller at your side.

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