Indie Gamer Chick Bundle is Live!

(EDIT: Though the ‘Indie Gamer Chick Bundle’ is no longer for sale, you can still visit the link to find the most current Bundle on offer.)

As the site name clearly incorporates ‘XBLIG’, short for Xbox Live Indie Games, the focus here is exclusively on games that fall under that banner, for better or worse. I’ll let that rule slide for a day, though, as I am proud to pimp the PC ports of eight former XBLIGs, joined together and bearing the name of the community’s most read / respected critic and ardent supporter. Ladies and Gents, the Indie Gamer Chick Bundle is now live on Indie Royale!

Coming in at a ridiculously cheap price, you’ll net yourself eight fantastic indie games that will easily keep you busy for the rest of the summer. The bundle includesย Dead Pixels, Chester, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators, Little Racers STREET, SpyLeaks, and Orbitron: Revolution. Some of the games are still looking to crack the beast known as Steam Greenlight, too, so be sure to give them an upvote if you’re on that platform. But above all else, enjoy eight fantastic games that got their start on Xbox Live Indie Games!

EDIT 7/27: Discord Games’ navigational puzzler 48 Chambers, and the very excellent RPG (ranked on the leaderboard, ya know) EvilQuest from Chaosoft Games have now joined the bundle. That’s ten (10!) great games for (currently) $4.47, with 3+ days remaining. You need this bundle in your life.


More Info at Indie Gamer Chick

Buy the Indie Gamer Chick Bundle on Indie Royale

12 thoughts on “Indie Gamer Chick Bundle is Live!”

  1. I’ll tell you what. I really like the way they do the pricing on this bundle. I’ll be keeping my eye on that service for the future. I was tempted to buy and pay extra just to lower the price for others. I didn’t pull the trigger on it yet but more than likely I will give myself a Bday present as well as some other people with the purchase of this. Thanks for sharing the information Tim.

    Oh and BTW that “BIG NEWS” yesterday about ONE having programming blah blah blah whatever. Was that really ever a question with things like OUYA out there? I still need to get me one of those. I won’t be able to afford a ONE till a few years down the road when the pricing is more my speed.

    1. No problem. It is nice, and those that do pay extra are honorary saints in my book. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy early (or belated) Birthday!

      Big news is right! Yet another policy they flip-flopped on, but this one was really a no-brainer. You already had self-publishing with XBLIG, and yeah, it created a lot of fart / breast games, but why turn around now? You’ve already set it up. Smart move on their end, and even cooler that every retail XBone will be able to function as a developer kit. I foresee a lot more fart / breast games, but also some very great, unique titles that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s not looking so bleak at the end of Microsoft’s tunnel anymore.

    2. Pulled the trigger on this and my Bday is tomorrow/today depending on where in the world you are. It’s July 28th.

      I’m glad I got these even though I have some of them on the Xbox it’s actually rather nice to play on the computer sometimes.

    3. Hap Hap Happy Birthday! You’re not getting older, you’re getting wiser, or at least that’s what they say. -Feels- like getting older. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the day, and the bundle.

  2. Great news! Even though I already have pretty much all of the games in the bundle on XBLIG, I’m still going to buy it so that I can continue to play them when the XBox 360 eventually closes it’s servers.

    1. Same here as far as owning most of them, but very good point on playing in the future. It should bring some new and / or renewed focus on Xbox indies, too, and that’s always good.

    2. Speaking of XBLIGs available on PC, I just saw that Soulcaster II is available at IndieGameStand, and if you beat the average you get Soulcaster I AND Escape Goat. They are, in my opinion, amongst the best XBLIGs out there, so I’d recommend picking them up.

    3. And your opinion is shared by plenty of others. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always gone with Escape Goat over the Soulcaster games, but that’s seriously another great deal that should not be passed up.

      One of the few wishes I have left for XBLIG is that Escape Goat 2 shows up on the service at some point. Whether it (XBLIG) continues on under a different name or comes to a halt completely, EG2 would be a fitting conclusion.

    4. Indeed. Escape Goat is probably my favourite XBLIG, it’s just so well designed! Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t said anything that would indicate an XBLIG release. Still, it’s due in September (I think), so we’ll probably get a definitive answer sometime around then.

    5. I know PC was the lead platform, so it’ll probably come down to having time to do the port. A theoretical XBLIG version would certainly be for the fans, not for money. Fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. I made a sad face reading this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Completely understand the logic behind it, though, and it’s certainly not fair for us to insist on it with the amount of work involved in porting it, not to mention selling it for less or even rock bottom ($1) when the PC version will sell for more. Might make more sales in the long run, but XBLIG being what it is for most Devs, it’s not a viable platform for making money. If Microsoft got off its ass and -really- made up its mind on the future of indies with the One and what future, if any, XNA has, more Devs might reconsider the shift away from them. MS is really only hurting their own chances in the next Gen race.

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