All You Need in Life is ‘Blood and Bacon’

Warning: Lots of flashy goodness.

BloodyCheckers developer BigCorporation / Kilroyfx has been teasing a first-person shooter for a while now, and that FPS was recently revealed to be the ridiculously over-the-top (in a good way), undead farm animal shooter Blood and Bacon. An XBLIG-exclusive, the game looks to spruce up the typical wave shooting trappings, boasting hundreds of livestock in a round, miniboss / boss fights, and several weapons to do your slaughtering with. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to tackle the waves with a friend. Online co-op is supported.

Gameplay appears to be fast and fluid, emphasis on fluid, as Blood and Bacon is the self-anointed bloodiest game on Xbox Live Indie Games. That speed, and some elements of the HUD, give it a Left 4 Dead taste, which is certainly a welcome comparison. The good news? You’ll be able to judge that pedigree for yourself soon enough.

Blood and Bacon is eyeing a late July / early August release, and will cost 240 MSP. For updates, you can follow the official Facebook page.


Blood and Bacon - Screen

Blood and Bacon - Screen2

66 thoughts on “All You Need in Life is ‘Blood and Bacon’”

    1. Yayyyyy!! Too bad Im broke (damn Capcom and his last month specials!!). I will get the game in a week or so, it came a bit sooner than I thought (was expecting it the 30 or the 31). This game will prove wrong the ppl that think that the XBLIG channel is just a fart that cant find his way back to the ass it came from.

    2. Yep. I am gonna dl a trial first, but pretty sure it’ll go full purchase.

    3. Right now we are only allowing about 100 BETA testers to download and test. The game will be in BETA for about 7 days, and the FULL release will be in about 1 week. There are known issues, but they are being addressed in BETA. Sorry for any confusion, this was not an announced release.

    4. No, its not out. Sorry this is a BETA release only to 100 people, who got it first. The BETA will run for about 5 days. Then the FULL version will be released.

    5. I purchased it last night. Outside of trying to figure out how the online co-op connected (it took a while to connect) it was jolly good fun. I have to admit, when you shoot an assault rifle into a group of boars a few dozen yards away they EXPLODE. Totally awesome and totally over-the-top. Well worth the 240 MSP. The night scenes were an unexpected treat as well. Too bad I can’t kick boar parts very well, though!

    6. Yes, definitely good fun. I was lucky enough to get in as well. Epic boss fights and over-the-top action, like you said. Easily worth the $3, and runs like a champ. Once it sees full release, it should do well.

      Never gets old watching the boars explode… 🙂

    7. Hey thanks for the awesome support !! The game DOES live up to the trailer…or so I am told..We have had amazing feedback, a handful of glitches reported and even an infinite ammo glitch !! Thanks…enjoy it while it lasts !!

    8. For Jupiter’s c$#&! Im the only one here that was not worthy of the Arena? As much as I want spill blood with unkown gladiator, Im absent Gold (account). So my eyes lays upon the solo and the carnage its delivers. Its seems dissapoinment will not be meeting, and destruction and glorius fun will greet in his behalf. Cant wait to privy certain Princess of her live, and paint f@$#ing floor with remains and bloody thoughts.

      Yes, Im watching too much Spartacus.

    9. Trust me, solo or multiplayer, you’ll be able to paint the floor with many, many pints of blood. They did not embellish when they said the game was the bloodiest on XBLIG.

  1. Just played through on hopefully the last playtest. The game runs great, and after playing for more than 8 months it is a very very fun game….I never get sick of the carnage and gore. This should be available on the Market by then end of July.

    1. That confidence! Man you should be my wingman. Your 1st game is one of my favorites XBLIG. Hope the game sells well, for some reason the good games with lot of testosterone do no get much attention in XBLIG. But this one seems like a success, and we have to show the developers that these are the games we want, not with words but with our money. If we want to see more often games like this and OFDP we have to buy them and show the support. Lets send them a message and get this game!!!!!!!

    2. I appreciate the sentiment 100%…..thanks !! The more the game sells the more I can BULK it up to 500mb worth of monsters, levels, weapons, chars, and just plain more good old carnage !! Basically I will continue to provide free DLC to the game until I hit my limit….this is one good reason for the 240 msp price point.

    3. Can you put in dinos please?
      Its all I want for christmas.
      In july.
      I am gonna support ya. Jus gonna try to get gold again.

    4. Hey, if we’re doing ‘wish list’ voting, I put forth polar bears as a new enemy. Also, the black smoke monster from ‘Lost’. 🙂

    5. Polar bears? And the black smoke monster? Have you been watching Season One again? I’d vote for the entirety of the Wu Tang Clan, licensing issues aside.

    6. You’d never get RZA to sign off on it. Some of the other guys, though, it’s a possibility.

      Damn, you’re right about the polar bear, that was my forgetting all about that appearance in Season 1. Good spot. Polar Bears are my Fight Club power animal. Edward Norton got the penguin, I get polar bears. Sllliddddeee.

  2. Holy shhh!!!! Where all these people came from? I better watch that video in slow motion I think I missed some boobs!!!!!! But that video shows that less than 500mb and a little bit of passion can have the same, if not more weight than a 8gb DVD with a 5 million dollar history behind it. The only things is, its created too much hope, and if the game does not live up to this video, some will take a fall that not many will recover, myself included. But I have faith in it!!! Cant wait to play this!!!!

    1. You will experience everything you see in that video many times throughout the game, I have made sure of that. You will experience much much more, if you make it to the end of the game (yes there is an ending) and if you play CO-OP you will share the experience and have a witness to some amazing gameplay and bloody goodness !

    2. True to that, that’s a man with confidence talking, if I have the same confidence talking to girls that he got in his game I will not have so much trouble getting laid. Mmm, I think GTA V will have to wait for a price drop, I want to buy this one and some indie games for wealthy ppl (Gateways, Undead Syndrome, Penny Arcade 3/4 and Do HER And Do Mii 2OO… ‘Till Wii Come). And if a man give too much pleasure, some will be left without… GTA V will be a huge game, and I have a LOT to beat, want to beat at least half of them before getting into that.

    3. Haha. Yes he does. I felt my eye twitch momentarily, as my deep-rooted Nintendo history started to stir, itching for a fight, but then it settled. Love the company and its software, I do not love its sometimes backward-looking / backward-thinking mindset.

    4. I did not meant to start a war, but now that the battlefield is set, let me throw my own granade. If a man fight against an army and put a good fight, not matter if he win or lose he is a hero in my opinion. Meaning, the Sega Genesis did not have much third party support, and still got very good games like Phantasy Star IV, Shining Force 2 and Castlevania Bloodlines. Nintendo was always second place (in my own personal gaming needs, I know Nintendo won that 16 war) in the 16-32-64 bits era (by the time ppl in my school were talking about spiky dudes and horrible voice acting, I was playing Rocket Knight on Hard. I always arrive late at console parties.) but I like the SNES for the RPGs. PSX>N64

      Every place that you enter and feel comfort should be called home. That is if you mean what I think you are meaning, the comment got taken in so many directions that Im a bit confused.

  3. Awesome Slaughterfest…Love the pace and how much is actually happening onscreen all at once, you gotta love these indie game makers, they just do not care, they can make any game they want, as bloody or with whatever the hell content they want to use and make the game as it should be, and a few times they hit the mark…this ones a killer, just no BS involved blasting like it should be!!! Guns and blood and pigs and bacon…love it, Bacon for breakfast!

    1. Hahaha well put !! This thing blew up over night I see….well I personally will be playing this game….with anyone who can keep up with me 🙂

    2. Indeed! That kind of freedom can be liberating for developers, and also trouble, if the effort isn’t put in. That certainly doesn’t seem to be the problem here, and you’re right about the no-BS, guns-blazing angle. A lot of wave shooters play it simple and safe; nice to see B&B throwing caution (and bacon, and body parts) to the wind!

    1. Shouldn’t that be a thing by now? Flying cars too?

      It’d sell well for this game, too. While it’s not quite as universal, ‘bacon’ is probably -as- ‘American’ as apple pie or hot dogs.

    1. I guess there’s something about unchecked violence (much like the Team Shuriken games with anime breasts) that appeals to us all in a general way. 🙂

  4. What no blood gun? No bacon disc launcher? No audio wave blast oink cannon? Heck not even a Bacon Flavored Grenaderizer, BFG. For shame. I expect a gun that shoots houses next update. Just cause I need not reason!
    Looks pretty goofy in that Serious Sam sorta way.
    Any plans for a PC version one day?
    haven’t used my Xbox in so long but this looks kinda fun.
    Just hope the weapons get as crazy as the rest of it to match up the look xD

    1. Just fyi I did the voices and metal soundtrack (there is other music btw) for the game and had the honor of playtesting it for 10 months with the developer killroy fx. I can say there is one over the top weapon in the game. You guys are about to see what the xna engine was told it couldn’t do. But it does. I will be online in the lobbies playing with people all summer. Hope to see you there.

    2. @GNAWMAN: As much as I’m sure the other music / effects will be great, I been spoiled by the 1812 overture for the trailer. That’ll need to be playing in the background to compliment the whole experience. 🙂 Given how much is happening on-screen, you guys have to be pushing the engine to work hard. Congrats on getting the most out of it.

      @shadow1w2: A blood gun on top of all the blood would be just the right amount of excess, though I worry you’d start approaching ”The Shining’ elevator scene’ levels by that point.

    3. That was blood? My mom told me it was Kool aid and I believed her all these years. OMG I’m calling her right now!

  5. i’ve been waiting for a decent game like this for a while. let the Carnage commence! 😀

  6. Just saw this, nice review of an up and coming Indie Game Title !! After looking around for some new indie games, this one looks to be more serious than most….can’t wait to try it out.

    1. Agreed. I think if you shoot a pig and it explodes into a showering inferno of blood and guts, the only acceptable reply is ‘Bad ass!’

  7. We’re getting closer.
    Mutant zombie animals.
    Then hopefully come the dinos.
    Is this here game splitscreen by the way?

    1. Well theres thousands of particle physics involved when you play this game theres no way it could be split screen, way too much slowdown.

    2. I’m sure there’s less demand for it (local co-op) nowadays, though it’s actually pretty prevalent for Xbox Indies. Certainly more local-only than online games. Sounds like it definitely wouldn’t be feasible in this situation. You want that much blood flying, you have to make a trade-off somewhere. 🙂

      @Saansilt You’ve got the promise of DLC for the game. Dinosaurs making an appearance somewhere wouldn’t be completely out of the question. Assemble some like-minded people, and hit the phones or start writing your local congressman / congresswoman… 🙂

    3. Dinosaur obession?
      Why I never!
      But yes, dinosaurs for america!
      Anyho, princess buttercup reminds me of a boss animal in cabela’s dangerous hunts two.

  8. If it is half as entertaining as the trailer it will be a must buy! Are there multiple perspectives? It looks to bounce between first, third, and top-down.

    1. Hard to top the trailer (best use of Overture of 1812 yet) but it looks up to the challenge. My assumption on the camera angles is that you’ll be able to switch between the different views at will, though that’s not confirmed. Should be entertaining regardless of perspective. 🙂

      EDIT: Confirmed, all three camera settings are in the game, and can be switched at will by pressing in the right control stick. Thanks to the Dev for the info.

    2. There is suppose to be 3 cameras, and you can edit your camera to be 1st person, 3rd person, top down – anything you like !! Hoping the gameplay can live up to the trailer…..

    3. Yeah, I know it’s not likely, but I just really like the image of someone from PETA watching the trailer and just passing out thirty seconds in.

  9. When I discover the Xbox indie games, I bought some games blindly, like Bloodycheckers (looked cool), Aliens vs Romans (graphics were amazing) and I MAD3 A G@M3 BLA BLA BLA BLA (almost 5 stars, I though it was one of the best games of all time!!!!), two of them sucked (personal opinion) and I though “so that’s why the games cost one dollar”. Then one game keep my faith in the XBLIG, yes, Bloodycheckers, that game make me turn on my PC and instead on googling “brazilian ba-dunk-a-dunks” I google “xbox live indie reviews” wich lead me to one of the two XBLIG sites I visit on a regular basis. If Bloodychekers keep my faith in XBLIG, I have a feeling Blood And Bacon will make me believe in wave shooters, because the video looks amazing. I NEED to play this game.There’s no mention on the price, mmmm, tricky, I wonder why…

    1. I think I’m going to tag one of my future posts with ‘Brazilian ba-dunk-a-dunks’, just so when you DO Google that, you’ll still find your way back to this site.

      Funny though, how I just mentioned how sick I was of undead wave shooters, and then the very next day, an undead wave shooter I want to play. Man, I flip-flop on my positions a lot.

      As for price, the Dev wants to make it 80 MSP, but it could end up higher due to the file size of the game. He says it’s at 300 MB, and the size limit for charging 80 MSP is currently 150 MB… so, hope for the best, plan for the worst.

      EDIT: The developer confirmed it will be 240 MSP due to the file size, though you can expect support / DLC for the game for six months on from release. The max file size is 500 MB, so there’s plenty of room to add-on. Using BloodyCheckers as a guide, it’s reasonable to say that the game (and future updates) will be worth it.

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