REVIEW: Toy Plane

Taking a break from their usual fare of zombies, aliens, and other FPS combinations thereof, Sick Kreations is mixing things up and looking to expand its fanbase. With a bright palette, cutesy settings, and nary a corpse or gun in sight, Toy Plane (80 MSP) is assembled and visually-geared with younger players in mind.

True to the developer’s style, it’s a good-looking game. Yet under the ‘kiddie’ trappings lies a rather ‘adult’ difficulty, especially on the higher settings, ensuring that anyone can step in and find a reasonable challenge. Toy Plane mimics the simplistic control scheme of other arcade flight games, using one button to increase the height of your aircraft, and releasing it to descend. Generally, hold a steady path. Avoid miscellaneous barriers and the stage boundaries. There is literally nothing else to it.

Each difficulty setting (which determines how many hits your plane can take before crashing) has its own hub, and amateur aviators can test out their star-collecting, ring-dashing skills over six stages in three different environments. Though you can technically complete any level by reaching the finish line, progress is only allowed once you’ve acquired all of the goodies in one continuous flight.

Toy Plane - Screen

Somebody’s creepy neighbor went through a lot of trouble to construct a tiny airplane obstacle course.

No bosses or other gameplay mechanics are introduced. Collecting all six of the coins in the previous levels will unlock a space-themed bonus stage that is more ‘thank you’ than additional challenge. The one-life ‘Endurance’ mode will likely prove to be more of a timesink, as there is a certain satisfaction (and leaderboard) for trying to best your previous distance traveled.

There isn’t much left to tell. No broken wings or propellers present. It’s not doing anything terribly exciting or novel either, but Toy Plane does appeal to a broad enough market that someone somewhere at some age can squeeze an hour’s worth of entertainment from it.

7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Toy Plane”

  1. If flying a miniature plane is a dream of yours, first person to reply here to this comment will win a copy of the game, courtesy of Sick Kreations.

    1. That they are. Toy Plane’s visuals are on par with an arcade title, certainly. Some small framerate sputtering on the final two levels, but other than that, good-looking game that runs smoothly. Kudos to them.

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