REVIEW: Fanny Granny’s Great Escape

Taken by itself, Fanny Granny’s Great Escape (80 MSP) is an unfortunate name that will probably scare off a few demo-downloaders before they ever hit the trial. And that’s… well, unfortunate. It’s goofy, has the surrounding air of a joke title, and so, by extension, it must be a joke game, featuring all sorts of ridiculous bugs and shoddy gameplay. But it doesn’t. Fortunately, it’s quite the opposite.

Featuring an OutRun-esque graphic style and a geriatric grandma with a hyperactive bowel system, Fanny takes the standard arcade racing formula, keeps the timed checkpoint component, and adds an avoidance ‘combo’ mechanic for dodging traffic in spectacular ways.

And therein lies the fun / challenge, jumping cars and triggering bonus food (boost) and item (score) drops. The goal is to avoid an accident, of course, though you are rewarded for near-misses. Splitting the hair-thin gap between a line of cars will give you the highest bonus and net you much-sought-after ‘boost’, which will utilize Grandma’s unique, built-in nitrous oxide (…It’s a fart, okay. Grandma will fart, and go faster).

The game is governed by these speed boosts and divided by checkpoints that only tolerate so many mistakes. Spread across four difficulties and one, never-ending stage (varying backgrounds and custom soundtracks break up some of the monotony), it’s all about high scores and keeping Granny on the move.

Fanny Granny's Great Escape - Screen

There’s a few negatives you could bring up, chief among them the repetitive racing cycle. While backgrounds and the track are swapped every few checkpoints, the single mode / objective set is primed to stale. And it will. No online leaderboards hurt that replayability further, making the game something that is best enjoyed in small doses.

Fanny Granny’s Great Escape may be a ridiculous title, and it’s not much for maturity once the car gets rolling, either. Yet, for a pick-up-and-play racer that still demands some skill, it’s a competent, albeit gassy, ride.

24 thoughts on “REVIEW: Fanny Granny’s Great Escape”

  1. Just to inform that the game did not pass my niece yayyy!! seal of aproval (no two player mode) and will not be ranked in her imaginary leaderboard.  After Tim leading a young boy to crime, I hoped he could have make amends and this moment would have been called “The Hurley Redemption” (featuring Xionix as Morgan Freeman and Mike Tyson as himself). Alas, that moment will never make into theXBLIG annals (annals… huh huh huh) of history. So Tim, need a indie 2 player game that a 6 years old can get into. If you want redemption, wisdom have to be given. 80 mp or less please 😉

    And if my 35 years as a psychologist (and I not even 30) teach me something, I think if I have not show her the game, she wont be asking for another one… god honest truth.

    1. Hmm. That’s a tough one, as I don’t play a lot of games that are kiddy-simplistic in nature, not that a six-year-old couldn’t handle a more complex game. I had Chompy Chomp Chomp (like Pac-Man) on the leaderboard. It’s been replaced by JamSouls!, but they’re both two-player (or more) party games that are easy to understand / get into. Those are really my only recommendations off the top of my head, though XBLIG has a huge selection of stuff. Unfortunately, you’ll have to dig to find them, unless anybody else reading this has a game or two they know of…

    2. So the guru have its weakness!!! You where like one of those Metal Gear bosses. Its ok dude, you have no idea how much you have helped (because I have some pride, and its hard to admit I cant do this indie world alone) in the past and I know you will keep doing it in the future. Plus, I doubt anyone Uh right now would think English is my second language looking at my writing, practice makes perfect. Thx a lot lad, will check out those games.

  2. Well this was weird.
    Didn’t check the store yesterday.
    The outrun style.
    I admit that the title may have made me skip it. Thats why I read your site!
    To find those offbeat indies that are somewhat good.
    Off-topic: Any of you going to watch Pacific Rim?

    1. I suppose the name makes sense given what you’re doing, but for that first impression, yeah, I don’t see it doing the game any favors.

      Not sure how I feel about Pacific Rim. It looks good, but I could probably wait to see it. Then again, being blackmailed into seeing Despicable Me 2, I could certainly return the favor for a movie more my style.

  3. In the 40 years I have been on this earth (actually Im in my 20s, but with my strange tastes of games and the pretty way I put my words together creating the most beautiful symphony on your mind, ppl will actually believe it, also, I always wanted to be a writer) I have learn that Tim “The Jokeblocker” Hurley not only ruin your jokes, but also your pockets (He almost point a gun at me to buy Bleed!!!). Gladly he is not doing that lately. Not much into this kind of games, I like Mario Kart thought, no two player mode?

    1. Yeah, but it was a very large, toy gun I had pointed at you for Bleed. 🙂

      No two player mode for ‘Fanny’, just an arcade / high score racer for one. It gets repetitive, though it was fun for a handful of races at a time.

    2. I see, better leave the codes for someone that will apreciate more the game. And not lose my change to get something better in the month.

  4. If you like your racers powered by the human engine (i.e. your anus) Fanny Granny’s Great Escape can be yours. First two (2!) people to respond to this comment have earned a copy, courtesy of JK’s Games!

    1. Woot! If you still have a code I would like me some of Granny’s Fanny.

      Did I just say that?

    2. You did indeed, but who am I to judge? 🙂

      Still have both codes. Number one will be inbound to your inbox shortly.

    3. Still no takers? Well, maybe this is a signal. Lets try the game!!!

    4. The first code didn’t seem to work for David, so I gave him the second. I’ll wait and see if that one is good, and then contact the Developer to see if he has a replacement.

      EDIT: Nevermind, second code is yours! Check your email shortly.

    5. I played the demo and it was fun that is why I got the code. I think my first code ended up working so Tim should be able to give you the second one after all. I hope I didn’t mess things up.

    6. Just to tell you guys that got the code and worked thx!! I mean I have not even reached puberty and not getting the code would have show me my 1st dissapoinment in life, it would have let me to not trust in humanity and be a criminal, all on Tim conscience!!!!

      This lad is going to become a good man, thx Tim!!!

    7. Huh? How can you spare me of something if you where the one that put me there in the 1st place? BANG!! Jokeblock!

      Btw, I learn something yesterday night, you have you judge a woman by her skills, not by her age. I spend some quality time with the granny, and Im not afraid to say I like it.

      Also, I think this game is in the yayyyy!! category I think my niece will like it, we will just have to wait.

      At last, I dont know if Im seeing things, but when I pressed that B button, I swear to God I thought I was playing a Silver Dollar game.

      Thx again kid, pretty fun game.

    8. By giving you the code, I have prevented the downward spiral into crime and mistrust that your life was heading towards. I can’t get into the details, as I’m not at liberty to discuss it, but It’s all very ‘Back to the Future’-ish.

      I do agree on the Silver Dollar angle. It does have that vibe about it.

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