Everybody do the ‘Dungeon Smash’

Developer Haiku Interactive is betting big you’ll like its sexy princesses new twin-stick dungeon crawler, Dungeon Smash. Described as a hybrid of Gauntlet and Diablo, you can tackle the game with up to 4 players, the most interesting wrinkle coming in the form of a shared story, with each player being able to respond to developments as they’d like. With an unlimited amount of floors and multiple endings, Dungeon Smash might just make exploring the dark depths worth all the trouble and heavy laundry required (muddy boots, soiled garments, you know).

Dungeon Smash will be released on July 1st, for 240 MSP. If you’d like to watch some more videos or get a primer on the characters’ storylines, there’s the YouTube channel here, or visit the developer’s site for more details.


Dungeon Smash - Screen

Dungeon Smash - Screen2

9 thoughts on “Everybody do the ‘Dungeon Smash’”

    1. Thanks for clearing that up, Jock. I’m looking to hopefully have a review up by early next week, barring any unforeseen troubles.

  1. I never liked those point and slash games like Diablo (because Im insecure and I like to feel that Im controlling something in my life), unless they are issometric RPG or Adventure Games (which I love) not much into points and click stuff. Do you control the character in this one? I see a little sword like a mouse point, but hard to tell in my smarthphone. My niece always tell me “Why you dont buy a game that is yayyyyy? All your games are grrrrr” lol She got tired of playing the beat em up of the Sonic Genesis Collection althogh she only hit me and not the enemies, maybe on porpose. I see blood, jum, maybe it will not be for her, only time will tell. And I will wait till I beat the half of the half of the half of the games I got before buying another.

    And is not that Jump Hero was not fun, its just, the harder you get the things, the more you apreciate it. And jump hero jump too fast into my bed that not let me explore the pretty things its have. And I should really make a Twitter, not all the time I will have to say something relevant about a post while making the statement I make 5 reviews back.

    1. I saw the video of game and looks pretty good. Looks easy to play so my niece will pick up easily, plus she cant kill me which is good (maybe not for her). The price is like headbutt followed by a lowblow (one hit for every extra dollar, at 5 you get me to do a Fatality), but its seems to worth it. Luckily, Tim will take the hits and will tell us if the pain worth it or no ice will take of that damage. Good luck on the project, looking forward the release.

      So developer reads comments huh, I will go to the last review and type “Next Update, Custom Soundtrack” wink* wink*

    2. That’s what I’m here for, to take the hits so you don’t have to 🙂 I do approach every game with an open mind, though. There’s plenty of good, overlooked stuff out there. We’ll see how Dungeon Smash stacks up.

    3. Thanks for that; I made an edit in the article to stress the twin-stick aspect, which I, too, appreciate. Always better to have direct control. 🙂

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