You Go ‘Runner Girl’!

It’s good news all-around for developer Alex Jedraszczak (The Jeddy) these days. He’s well into the development mix of Runner Girl, as the above trailer humorously indicates, and was also recently minted Editor-in-Chief (which is what I’d call myself, if I didn’t win the presidency here by default) over at fellow gaming site GameCola.

Looking like an endless runner in the vein of Game Boy (up to four colors!), Runner Girl hits on most of the major XBLIG selling points, namely zombies, with appearances by ninjas and robots in later levels. You’ll likely be competing for high scores. No word yet on if we should expect Zombie Ninja Robots. I will update if I get confirmation.

Runner Girl is penciled in for a late July / August release. Follow the developer’s site for more details.

2 thoughts on “You Go ‘Runner Girl’!”

    1. ‘Game Boy-themed pornography’ is a popular, and under-served niche, but it’s doubtful for this game, methinks.

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