‘Hop Til You Drop’, Or, For Like a Minute

Hop Til You Drop (review) saw its first update / content patch released yesterday. The two big additions are a ‘bullet time’ slow-down move that kicks in when you’re near hazards, and a Time Attack mode, which gives you a minute to score as many points as possible (death be damned!). The free DLC also adds some more unlockable ‘hoppers’ (read: characters) and speeds up the postgame process, getting you back into the action more quickly after each game over.

‘Bullet time’ in particular is a welcome change to the format, not just for Matrix-style theatrics and preventing some previously unseemly deaths, but also in rewarding risky play with additional points bonuses each time you trigger the effect.

These improvements and the added content definitely offset some of the issues I mentioned in the original review, making this Director’s Cut version of Hop Til You Drop a much ‘fuller’ experience. Repetition may still claim the throne and sap its replayability in the long-er run, though its hard to turn down a free update if you’ve already purchased the game, or needed a reason to give the trial a go.

2 thoughts on “‘Hop Til You Drop’, Or, For Like a Minute”

  1. Thanks for the update on the update. Was wondering when this would happen. Now I know I’m in the know.

    1. I knew right when I sat down to write it that it was right as soon as I wrote it. Glad I could help be a big help, which obviously helped in helping you.

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