Wait, It Gets Weirder: ‘The Undead Syndrome 2’

It starts with random visits from a Wikipedia page dedicated to the original game, which I reviewed and appreciated for its boldness, and its bizarre… everything, despite some shortcomings and rough gameplay. Though in reading through the entry, I get the confirmation I’ve been hoping for— Yes, The Undead Syndrome 2 exists, and yes, it is descending even further into utter strangeness.

The Undead Syndrome 2 - Screen

Probably not an ally.

Featuring alien obelisks, tentacles, and spaceships, it’s safe to assume the Silent Hill-y / supernatural vibe of the original will receive a heavy dose of the extraterrestrial. It’s all work-in-progress shots for now, but the basic pillars behind the first game, exploration and ranged-combat, are intact. The RPG-like upgrade system, that had you implanting various crystals into your body to improve stats and attacks, looks to be returning, as well as some familiar enemies (well, shirtless men, now with teeth!) and all-new ….creatures. I don’t have a clue what it all means, yet I’m really excited to know the sequel is on its way.


The Undead Syndrome 2 is aiming for a sometime-2013 release. If you can read Japanese, or trust Google Translate, or just prefer to absorb your data visually, you can follow developer Mukago Software and the game’s progress here.Β 

The Undead Syndrome 2 - Screen2

The Undead Syndrome 2 - Screen3

The Undead Syndrome 2 - Screen4

5 thoughts on “Wait, It Gets Weirder: ‘The Undead Syndrome 2’”

  1. I… just… WHAT?!
    Those screenshots look like “Earth Defence Force: 2017” ground “Silent Hill” in to a fine powder and snorted it off “Deadly Premonition”s belly.

    1. I like the image that comment creates. πŸ™‚ It’s literally a small piece of every Japanese horror game from the last two generations of consoles. It doesn’t do any particular part extremely well, but it does enough that I enjoyed my time with it. There’s no middle ground. Either you’ll love it or hate it.

  2. Man I wish I could read Japanese. When the Google translator gives me things like this:

    “A year ago, I was thinking this world is overflowing with things, trying to improve in reality be filled with mono level. I think change your mind now, lighting calculations, and accuracy, of shadow, reality is determined by the post process effects.
    I only think so, but not been able to pursue at all. (Laughs)”

    I have no idea what this means. 😦

    1. Yep. It does alright with some other languages, but Japanese is not one of them. Creatively, it comes up with some goofy word pairings and phrases that I can always set aside for something else. If you’d like to know what it really says though, you’re out of luck. It’s really three levels of translation— The original text, what Google thinks, and then you ascribing your own meaning to it.

      All I know is that the game is coming, at some point. πŸ™‚

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