‘Wyv and Keep’ Calm; It’s Coming

Yes, the answer to all your puzzle / platforming needs is now officially on the way to the Xbox indie channel. After spending a long time in the developmental stew and making the Demo / Beta rounds, a Jolly Corpse‘s ‘Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol‘ is winding down (or up, if you consider the press mentions) to release.

Stressing treasure-hunting and spelunking on equal ground with teamwork and puzzles, the game will have you controlling both sibling explorers to navigate various caves and underground ruins left in perfect maze form. As the trailer notes, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and your brain will almost certainly quit in (temporary) frustration. Sounds fun!

Wyv and Keep will be available on or around June 14. Follow the official site here.


Wyv and Keep - PreviewScreen

Wyv and Keep - PreviewScreen2

Wyv and Keep - PreviewScreen3

10 thoughts on “‘Wyv and Keep’ Calm; It’s Coming”

    1. I don’t know, to be honest. The Dev had some difficulties with the PC launch, including save bugs and online hiccups. Those were sorted, but the Xbox / XBLIG release went silent. Not sure if it’s related to the earlier issues, or if it’s been scrapped altogether.

      Stranger still, Splazer had some gameplay up for the game (see above) a few weeks ago, and he’s been super awesome about getting XBLIG demo gameplay up within a day of each game’s launch. Was the game released, then taken down soon after? Again, not sure, and they aren’t entirely forthcoming with info on Twitter or their Facebook page, from what I can tell. Bit of a mystery.

  1. Interesting, interesting…
    I’ll withhold the “Hammer Of Disapproval” or the “Large, Pleasantly Pink Sex Toy Of Approval” until I actually get my hands on it.

    1. How very Saints Row-ish. It’s times like this I wish I had a legitimate, but highly-inappropriate and ‘visual’ ratings system, for reviews. Really though, I’d probably steal and use the ‘Ryan Gosling abs’ rating, 1 through 5. The more ‘Ryan Gosling abs’ pics, the better everything is, or something like that…

  2. I remember watching MikeB play this on youtube and it looked absolutely terrible. It’s going to take alot to get me to even throw 80msp towards this game.

    1. I must have missed that one (…goes to watch it). Ah, well that’s no fun. I wonder if they’ll bring live multiplayer over to the XBLIG version, I’m assuming there’ll be local co-op, though, which would help some people. For solo plays, I just hope the controls start to feel more natural as you progress. I’m intrigued by the look and puzzles, at least.

    2. I actually went and watched it again. I noticed that the dialogue was funnier than I remember and the graphics look like they’ve been polished a little bit. I might have been a little harsh because it was the netcode that was jacked up and I didn’t get to see much of the campaign. I think I will give a chance when it’s released. I don’t know about 400msp though LOL. Look at how far down Bleed is on the top downloads at that price.

    3. Yeah. I’d feel burned if a game I bought wasn’t working as advertised, though with PC, that’s sometimes what you get with ‘beta’ versions. I respect MikeB’s opinions, love watching his channel, as the guy knows what he’s talking about, though I always wait for the definitive retail form before judging it with any kind of finality. The graphics have been spruced up over the last couple years. I’d hate to see the work wasted, though you’re right, $5 on XBLIG is a noose you wear tightly.

      Ironically, Bleed was very recently greenlit for Steam, so regardless of how it did / does on XBLIG, it will have a huge audience in a short while. Once people play it, word of mouth should get it quite a few sales, if there’s any indie justice in the world.

  3. Looks nice. My only question is how will this play out solo? And, are they really going to ask $10 for this on xblig? If so good luck with that.

    1. I can’t speak for using a controller to guide both, but the PC demo used the keyboard to moderately-good effect. You can control each individually, but teamwork is -definitely- required. If the console version plays out the same, expect it to feel awkward at first, then get easier as it goes along.

      So far as pricing, the highest they can go on XBLIG would be $5 / 400 MSP, which, yeah, given the $10 tag for PC, would make sense they’d go highest. There’s always the chance that they go the 240 MSP route, if they figure XBLIG sales won’t account for much of the total sales. Will have to wait and see.

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