REVIEW: Hop Til You Drop

Hop Til You Drop (80 MSP) is an extremely simple-looking endurance / punishformer tester continuing along the lines of what Death Closet did before it; placing you in a solitary room amongst a variety of spawning badities, with the idea of surviving as long as you can.

While Death Closet was (mostly) about learning patterns, with the game then working tirelessly to trick your brain into failure, Hop Til You Drop drops (see that? Nice, huh) the memorization and goes the full-random route, with stationary hazards, projectiles, and ‘chaser’ foes materializing around the tiny arena with only the briefest of warnings. Collecting coins equates to your score per round, earning a combo bonus for gathering two in one ‘hop’.

HTYD is slightly more acrobatic in its execution, having you switch places from the floor to ceiling, ceiling to floor, with each jump. You can also tweak your trajectory and landing mid-flight, splitting defenders and weaving through spike traps. It adds a little timing-based strategy and style to the formula, though the concept (avoidance) is essentially unchanged.

Aware of its limitations (jumping ad infinitum) some unlockable guest ‘hoppers’ hope to extend its worth, doled out for total points scored or time spent on the clock. These ‘avatars’ include thinly-veiled appearances by (not in actual name, of course) Princess Peach, Lebron James, and… Macklemore (he is labeled as ‘Thrift Shop’)?

Hop Til You Drop - Screen

Hang around a bit; it will get more challenging.

Even with the promise of prizes, the single available mode and compacted runs mean your enjoyment will only stretch so far. The visuals and repetitive nature of die-restart-die don’t do it any favors, either. Hop Til You Drop does exactly as advertised, for as long as you could want, but for most that’s just not enough.


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19 thoughts on “REVIEW: Hop Til You Drop”

  1. Thank you so much for the review! I think the first update to the game will improve it pretty significantly. First off, it will be easier to restart a game after you die, no more separate results screen. Also there is a new gameplay addition, where if you get close to a missle (most likely will expand this to other obstacles as well) you get bonus points plus it triggers a very short bullet time sequence. I’ve got a video demonstrating the new update if anyone is interested.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to review the game.

    1. No problem. I hate that I couldn’t give it higher marks, though were I filling out a ‘comments card’ after playing, I’d recommend those exact upgrades in the video. It’ll speed up the pace of the game, which is vital in a game where the player is dying regularly, and the ‘bullet time’ risk / reward idea is a nice touch to add a little more variety and scoring options. I’ll look forward to revisiting the game after the update, and add any new thoughts to the review. A very big ‘Thanks’, once again, for providing those codes for the giveaway. 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Could be the prevailing opinion for others, too. Not a bad game, nothing broken or offensive, just limited. Hard to judge those, but then I consider other games I’ve played that cost $1, and my brain starts in with dissenting opinions, resulting in a lukewarm judgement. I’m always saying to myself, ‘If it just had one or two more levels, maybe another enemy type or mode…’ 🙂

  2. Courtesy of (very generous) developer Chris Outen, there are four codes for ‘Hop Til You Drop’ to hand out. Rather than do it the traditional route, I’m going to try the honor system and list the codes below. If you’d like a copy of the game, by all means, take a code. Please do everyone else a solid, though, and comment saying you’ve done so. I’ll do my best to erase codes as they are taken. Hop to it!

    (Update: All spoken for. A big thanks again to Chris Outen for providing the codes.)

    1. I got the top code DHQH6-CMJBH-76BMP-42G3C-FQ9FW and thank you and Chris for this! My OCD pays off. I have to visit this site at least 10 times a day! LOL

    2. OCD never did nothing good for me, so it’s refreshing to hear a ‘success story’ for once. Glad I could take an active role in prolonging that debilitating behavior. 🙂

    3. That is incredibly generous of the developer; one might think it counter-productive to give codes away to the people MOST likely to buy the game! I’ll fess up – I took the 2nd code listed starting with C2326 – and I hope to delve into the game later. It looks to be different than the usual XBLIG fare … and that can only be a good thing, right? Thanks for the review and giveaway.

    4. Indeed. Incredibly generous, especially in light of a not-so-favorable review. I suppose the best way to look at it would be the one guaranteed sale from me, and then four others playing (and hopefully rating) the game, which all goes toward getting the word out. XBLIG isn’t a money-maker for most anyway, so it’s all in the personal satisfaction you take from it, with the potential / possibility of it taking off afterward.

    5. Do I ever suck at this game! I actually find it lots of fun, with a very much “one more turn” type of gameplay. Not being able to instantly restart is aggravating, though, and the lack of global leaderboards is a definite miss here … a little refining and this could be a definite guilty pleasure instead of merely an entertaining diversion. And I think it must be mentioned that the music is great.

    6. Quicker restarts, a ‘bullet-time’ mechanic, and possibly more unlockables are coming in an update, so I may have to rephrase the review a bit. Leaderboards would help too, though I can understand the extra work not being worth it for the couple dozen people that’d utilize it. I did think the title screen music was pretty good.

    7. Ooh! Free things! I’ll take care of VMGJW-7VCY3-9GQCR-92CD9-BDM9W, unless somebody else already took it, in which case I’ll scream “NOOOOOOO” very dramatically.

    8. Should still be active. If not, grab the last code quickly and try that. I try to run a classy establishment here, but I can’t speak for any unscrupulous, shifty-eyed types that came in and beat you to the punch. The type that drink all the milk / juice down to the last swig, then put it back. The type that fart in the elevator just as they get out. The type that… yeah, I made my point.

    9. Got the last one. Thanks to you and the dev, will give it a shot later.

    10. I actually had fun with this game. Seemed like I died when I know I didn’t touch anything though…multiple times. It’s simple and addicting. I’m going to play it until I unlock LeBron James? and Master Chief at least. I don’t think it deserves the 2 star rating it has more like 3 or 4 compared to some of the horrible games I’ve played that are still in the top 100.

    11. I had the opposite result; there were some instances where I knew I should have died, and didn’t. 🙂 There’s usually a few deaths like that, could go either way.

      Yeah, I rated it three stars as well. As much as I try to vote the games honestly, they’re (the ratings) rarely an accurate gauge of a game’s quality. Always demo.

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