8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Avatar Trials Ninja Uprising”

  1. It sounds like Doritos: Crash Course, only instead of hitting your avatar with a hammer, you’re hitting your hard drive with a hammer after it insults your personal hygiene for the umpteenth time.

    1. Ha. It’s kinda like that, yeah (‘Doritos’ wasn’t bad for a free game, I thought), but it would take a -special- kind of game for me to take a sledgehammer to my Xbox. AT:NU is nowhere near that bad, thankfully.

  2. Yesterday I had tried the trial version of this and was not interested and would like you to disregard the fact that I am the first person to respond to this and give the free copy to someone else since it would be wasted on me.

    I did want to comment on this game however. I liked your reference to Mirror’s Edge and never made that kind of connection with this game but I do see what you mean. I enjoyed Mirror’s Edge very much. Now I want that game back that I sold many moons ago. Going to go find a used copy today. 🙂

    Thanks for pointing out that it was an undergraduate team project as that too lets me be a little forgiving to them and in their defense I must say that a lot of games show up on the Indie channel less “finished” than this one. I would grade this at about a 70/100 and maybe a little higher if they follow up with bug fixes in the next few months.

    1. The Mirror’s Edge reference was not my own (Developer’s words), though I did see it a bit, more so in the ‘time trial’ aspect than the actual movement. I’d compare it more to a sped-up Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia, though even that connection doesn’t quite fit. I’ve had a hankering (using that word always makes me sound like a 90-year old man) for some Mirror’s Edge myself. Never actually owned the game, so something tells me I will in the very-near future 🙂

      Your comment mirrors (pun intended) my own sentiments, though you put it a little better than I did. I kinda came off a little harsher than I intended, but I did try to convey to the developer that creating and publishing a game is accomplishment enough. I am, as always, just one voice / review, but I do wish them the best with the game. They put in the effort.

    1. I’d take a copy of this. I was going to try it out yesterday, but I ended up playing Planet Wars, AvRomans, and JamSouls!

    2. It’s all yours. I’ll send an email along with the code in a bit. Played the demo of Planet Wars last night. Liked those comic book-style cutscenes.

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