‘Dinora’ Looks to Mine Familiar Terraria

Much like how Milkstone Studios has successfully aped both The Binding of Issac and Slender (Sushi Castle and White Noise, respectively) for console audiences, UK developer Neuron Vexx looks to do the same with its first title, Dinora. It really doesn’t don much of a disguise, presenting itself exactly like a cheaper homage to Terraria (which is itself a very fun 2D homage to Minecraft).

Players can expect the requisite combat, boss battles, endless crafting and resource mining, though Dinora puts extra emphasis on the NPCs in its game world, allowing you to foster relationships with them. Get married, have children, watch them all age and then leave behind a boatload of loot. The developer hits all the major bullet points below.

  • Randomly generated world   
  • Dynamic systems: NPC aging, relationships, day/night, plant growth, hunger 
  • Variety of ecosystems: area specific friendly/aggressive creatures
  • 6 bosses    
  • Combat: Melee, Ranged and Magic   
  • Elemental Combat System: Fire, Ice, Venom and Shock   
  • NPC Development: Relationships, Occupations, Marriage, Children, Inheritance    
  • Resource Collection: Farming, Mining, and Treasure Hunting   
  • Crafting: Basic and Advanced (unique elemental weapons and armour)      
  • Building: Shelter, Properties to Rent   
  • Open world game play with underlying story arc

While it remains to be seen how original the game will end up being, it should at the very least offer up the same ‘massive time sink’ gameplay that other crafters excel at, for a very low price.

Dinora is currently slated for a late April / early May release, and will cost you 80 MSP. You can follow the developer here.


Dinora - Screen

Dinora - Screen2

Dinora - Screen3

Dinora - Screen4

11 thoughts on “‘Dinora’ Looks to Mine Familiar Terraria”

  1. 1$ for a game like this ain’t bad at all! Even just playing for a few minutes, I can already see they addressed some of the (mostly nitpicky) issues I had with Terraria, so I’ll gladly tally them a few points just for that.

    – tools don’t make a ‘hit’ sound until they actually hit something.
    – weapon hits sound far, far better, although they’re maybe a bit too loud.
    – accessing the inventory actually pauses the damn game, what a miracle! Not exactly a nitpick, though, this was a *major* source of frustration for me in Terraria.

    Also, it’s weird to see people complain about the animation when Terraria’s are already flat out TERRIBLE, and nakedly so from the first awkward looking pickaxe swing you make. I could agree that that’s one more thing they could’ve improved on at least.

    … and despite being an obvious and shameless ripoff, I still find some things fairly impressive, like the very pretty parallax background layers. I’m definitely curious to see what other attempts at improvement they’ve made, because as good as it is, Terraria leaves a lot of room for it.

    1. Haven’t yet had time to ‘dig’ (oh yeah, pun intended) into the game, though a review is coming eventually. The ripoff part I can completely agree with, though I also agree with what you’re saying about the art / animation. Terraria wasn’t exactly the most beautiful game ever created, and I think Dinora easily matches it / beats it in some ways. Visuals are all I have to go on so far, but it seems the game will deliver on what it promises. Guess I’ll know for sure in a few days. 🙂

    2. Can’t wait to see the review. 🙂 It definitely deserves a fair shake and, at the very least, the author deserves more constructive feedback than the majority of Youtube commenters have given him.

      I’m old enough to remember back when every new 2D fighting game was automatically derided as a “SF2 clone”, regardless of how good (or flat-out better) they were, so I’m kinda immune to this sort of hoopla. 😉

  2. For 80 MSP, it would have to be nearly unplayable to NOT be worth buying, if there is as much depth as is claimed (or protested against, if it is a Terraria clone). I thought it looks rather interesting, at least to this admitted Terraria neophyte.

    1. True. Clone or not, if you can get 100+ hours out of a crafter for $1, with minimal bugs / glitches, there’s a lot of gamers that will take that deal. As a reviewer though, I’ll have to be conscious of what came before it.

    1. Plain and simple, these games are time-sinks, day-destroyers, what have you. You can lose hours just fixing the layout of a house to suit your ideal vision of it. I hate that. 🙂

  3. I’m still looking forward to it, particularly with its emphasis on NPCs, but my anticipation is a little soured by how near-identical the visual design is to Terraria. At least be artful about mimicry.

    In any case, I will play it and I’m looking forward to discovering how it differs from its inspiration.

    1. That’s one thing you have to give Milkstone; they do a better job at disguises, even if you can still see right through them.

      I’m skeptical as to how much the NPC relationships will impact the experience and make it more unique to Dinora, but as always, the review(s) will settle the argument.

  4. There’s a lot of venom in the youtube comments, but “[Dinora] will cost you 80 MSP” is why people will buy it when Terraria costs 1200 MSP.

    It’s the same story with Minecraft ($20!!!) and the Minecraft-clones ($1). 🙂 People love a good deal!

    1. Yeah, I was kinda surprised by the amount of comments on it. Usually there’s a large subset of gamers that couldn’t care less if a game is a blatant copy or not, and even if they did, the financial side ($1!) wins them over in the end. Doesn’t help that the Developer tried to deflect on owning up to the similarities, either. You’re better off acknowledging the inspiration and explaining what your game does differently.

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