‘Pester’ All Set to Bug You with DLC

Finding new ways to word a play on Flump Studios‘ shooter never gets old, but just in the event you’re tired of shooting things (my bad jokes will never be helped), Pester (review) has scrounged together some light DLC for you to mix it up with. Downloading the free update will net you some extra swag, including a ‘Boss Survival’ mode and new ship avatars; one from Flump’s first game, Super Killer Hornet, and another from N0rty Games‘ recent shmup, Chronoblast (review). ‘High Five’ for indie developer team-ups! There’s some more backgrounds, as well, and additional music tracks.

All in all it’s just a little extra cream on top of the pie, meant to hold you over while the studio forges ahead with its next project, a sequel to Super Killer Hornet.

2 thoughts on “‘Pester’ All Set to Bug You with DLC”

    1. Yes it does. Probably starring a cast of epic-haired, impossibly good-looking, brooding anti-heroes. SKH2 won’t have the hair, but it could very well be epic.

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