Bugs of a Different Color; ‘Rise of the Ravager’ Announced

The fine fellows over at Gentleman Squid Studio have been hard at work, threatening to release a new game soon that would be smaller and more arcade-ish than their previous, zombie-swapping platformer Three Dead Zed (review). Today, that long-brewing concoction has been revealed. Described as the secret love child of Guitar Hero and Missile CommandRise of the Ravager is a shooter combining Mesoamerican Culture and Art with the less pretty and more biblical End Times.

The Bug / Alien creatures look to be color-sensitive, which could add variety and immediacy to the typical ‘shoot stuff’ trope. The game promises to be more than that, with massive boss battles and player abilities that can be bought and reset between levels to adapt to the given situation. Up to four people can play, too, thanks to the local co-op. That should translate to some color-coded teamwork.

Rise of the Ravager is scheduled for release on March 27th. If you fancy more images and / or wallpapers, you can visit the official site here.


Rise of the Ravager - Screen

Rise of the Ravager - Screen2

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