‘Paintball War’ Gets a Fresh Coat

After a lengthy hiatus, Strange Games Studios‘ avatar FPS Paintball War (review) has received its promised update by adding a second map, the idyllic and heavily-green country scenes you see in the screenshots below, soon to be covered in paint and dead bodies. It’s a much more open and expansive setting than the narrow streets and view-obstructing buildings of the original urban map.

For those of you that have leveled up to a decent rank (17+), a new weapon appears! The railgun, slow and drastically overpowered (i.e., awesome if it’s in your hands), is now available for your one-shotting pleasure. It’s predictably ideal in the wide sightlines of the new map, letting you take care of business from afar instead of getting your avatar’s clothes dirty in an up-close gunfight. Enjoy anonymity and being the troll of the battlefield, you’ve earned it.


Paintball War - New Map

Paintball War - New Map2

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