‘S.D.G.T.’ : What’s in a Name?

I have no idea. In fact, no one outside of developer K2 Games knows. They’re being coy. How cute. You’re free to lay down a guess* on the developer’s Facebook page, though a little mystery makes for an unorthodox future-contest; complete the game on the hardest difficulty when it releases next month, and you’ll earn a private unveiling and explanation of its true name. Depending on the amount of work / patience it’ll take, this better be worth it, K2.

As for S.D.G.T., the gameplay sounds like a mix of Tower Defense but with a more hands-on approach, in your typical humans vs. aliens scenario. Your ship is stationary, though you do control its seven individual turrets, deciding not only the weaponry you’ll equip, but how you’ll upgrade it using the game’s skill trees. The trailer gives you a glimpse as to how those upgrades and skills can be implemented. Boss fights and mineral contracts to supplement your income will round things out.

The game will release in Beta form with 30 levels, followed up in the next few months by two content updates of eight levels each. Hopefully the game will impress enough that gamers will stick around to play the new levels. Only time will tell. In the meantime, keep generating fancy stand-in titles until one of us learns the truth. Stay current with the game here.

S.D.G.T. will be released on February 23rd, for 240 MSP.


S.D.G.T. - Screen

S.D.G.T. - Screen2

*My guesses on the name? So Distant Giant Tentacles. Super Defense Go Team. Slightly Dorky Gaijin Tales. Strong Drinks, Good Times. I have to win with one of those, right?

8 thoughts on “‘S.D.G.T.’ : What’s in a Name?”

  1. Stupid Dumb Game’s Trivial

    OK that is a negative one but it was the first one that came to mind.

    So Don’t Go There

    Systems Drag Great Timing

    Slobber Down Grateful Tarts

    OK….I could play this game all day….LOL But for the game it does look cool. Looking forward to trying it.

    1. Walt? Walt Whitman? Is that you? Wow, it is an honor, sir. I am a big fan…. 😉

      ‘So Don’t Go There’ seems to be popular so far. I hope whoever manages to meet the conditions and learns the true name of the game is willing to share, just so I can see how far off some of us have guessed.

    1. Same here. 🙂 All worthy guesses. The idea of a Space Disney terrifies me.

      Sugar Daddies Give Thanks, South Dakota Gangsters’ Trust…. improper usage of one’s free time continues….

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