So, ‘Chasm’ is Coming Along Nicely

Discord Games is probably best known for its 2011’s Uprising entry, the 2D online-gunner Take Arms. Last year’s 48 Chambers went for a simpler, dexterity-based arcade feel. Chasm, the developer’s third project, coming to XBLIG and PC later this year (fingers crossed), is more ambitious. It’s early days still, but the third in-development trailer shows off a remarkable amount of progress / polish. Gone are the placeholder tiles and rough edges of previous updates, in with the pixel goodness. The game itself is slated to be an RPG / roguelike hybrid, offering randomly-generated dungeons and loot, with a commitment to both empowering the player and ensuring they’re always having fun.

And the #2 video below, from just a few weeks ago. Go ahead, compare and contrast. Like a whole new game, eh?

Granted, it’s a tall order to fill when you trying to meld together elements of Metroid, Symphony of the Night, and Homer’s Odyssey (!), but there’s no doubt it’s coming together, and in a relatively short while. Work continues at a breakneck speed.

Chasm is a ways off, of course, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay current in the meantime. Visit the main page for the game here. You can also follow the developer’s Tumblr blog here, or subscribe to their YouTube channel if you like your updates in motion.


Chasm - Screen2

Chasm - Screen3

10 thoughts on “So, ‘Chasm’ is Coming Along Nicely”

    1. Thank you, sir. There’s a few games I’d like to preview still, I’m just waiting on new updates / videos, etc. Chasm has kept me interested for awhile, but once I saw how much James & crew had advanced since their last video, I figured now was as good a time as any 🙂

    1. Thanks for throwing that link up. Wanted to add it myself, but every time I mention PC and/or Steam on this site, I get requests to review PC or mobile games. Hate to give the wrong impression. 🙂

    2. I haven’t been keeping up on Greenlight that much, though from what I garner from tweets here and there, it seems the only games getting votes are the good-looking ones that most closely resemble AAA stuff. I’m not against the practice if the game seems worthy, but some of the smaller, off-kilter options (like MttM, of course) deserve that love as well.

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