Have Bullets, Will ‘Pester’

Terrible article names and wordplay aside, I rarely find a Bullet Hell I can’t get behind. Flump Studios‘ latest looks to continue that streak, with randomized shot patterns and enemy placement. Like their previous release this summer, the overlooked and Math-centric Super Killer Hornet, Pester gets its inspiration in vertical shooters from Japan, influenced particularly by revered developer CAVE. I have no objections to that.

The game breaks the bank by offering ten (!) play modes, including Classic, Reverse, Old School and Tempus (sounds time-based) settings. ‘Duo’ mode, which will force you to control two ships on one controller, reads as being equally promising and troubling. Suffice it to say that Pester should wind up having a little something for everyone.


Pester will see release sometime in January, and will cost 80 MSP.

3 thoughts on “Have Bullets, Will ‘Pester’”

    1. Not a problem, and agreed, looks like fun. I was with Alan on SKH; I liked the mathematical slant to the shooting, and anything related to or influenced by CAVE is worth a look to me. 🙂

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