‘Bleed’ Release Date / Price Set, and a Look at a Boss

After a nearly three-year development cycle (!), two Dream.Build.Play competitions, and many redesigns, Bootdisk Revolution’s action-y slow-motion-y gun ballet is almost upon us. I’ve been anticipating for quite a while, but the wait time has finally narrowed (under two weeks!). Bleed will see its release onto XBLIG on December 12th, barring any troubles. The price will be set at the maximum of 400 MSP.

I’m also behind on the news, apparently, as the Dev recently showed off a ‘Developer’s Diary’ of sorts, giving us a look at the kinda-involved process of creating one of the bosses in the game. The video below details a fight against ‘Battalion’, a swarm of alien blobs that can morph into different objects and shapes, taking on multiple attack patterns.

Don’t mess with your volume; there’s no sound till near the end.

That’ll have to tide you over for now. Yeah, I want more too, but there’s no sense in crying about it, is there? To stay up to date with the game, you can follow Bootdisk Revolution’s blog. If you despise pretty pictures and want a written rundown of the above boss-creating, you can go here.

4 thoughts on “‘Bleed’ Release Date / Price Set, and a Look at a Boss”

  1. I think the price point means I’ll have to chalk this one up as an early Christmas present to myself, but if it plays anywhere near as well as the trailer suggests then I reckon it will be well worth it.

    1. Counting down the days. 🙂 Unless there’s a huge catastrophe in the design, controls or something else, I won’t mind the $5 sticker price one bit.

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