New ‘Aliens Vs. Romans’ Trailer Shows Off The Sights and Gunplay

Aliens Vs. Romans has been an intriguing moniker since its first ‘teaser’ video months ago, promising a great deal without actually showing anything. A new trailer, just released by developer Sick Kreations, offers up much more info on the upcoming FPS this time around, unveiling not only the pretty visuals behind the title, but a gameplay clip to whet the appetite. The nearly two-minute video shows the player, able to equip several guns with varying zoom and effect, mowing down aliens (or are those the Romans?) within a multi-tiered level, some nicely-detailed architecture for ambiance. Also shown later is split-screen co-op.

Only the one environment is revealed in the video, so it’s still unknown if players can expect a change of scenery or layout. Also no confirmation if the single-player is an actual campaign with a story and / or different levels, or just a solo run through enemy waves, as the trailer would suggest. For the moment, however, the guns impress, the gameplay looks good (it runs practically solid at 30 FPS throughout the clip), and I’m excited for the eventual release.


Aliens Vs. Romans is simply ‘coming soon’.

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