‘Overdriven’ gets Improved Visuals, Plenty of New Content

As I noted in my review of Overdriven, the shooter did nothing spectacular you hadn’t seen in other games, but was highly polished and fun. Soon after the review went up, developer CuchuGames expressed their interest in tweaking some of the art and bringing in additional modes for a later update, and they’ve now made good on that promise.

And then some. Not only have the art and graphics been completely redone (everything looks sharper / cleaner, including the HUD), but some of the enemies have been redrawn and their placements moved. Artifacts, the ‘keys’ you search for within each stage in order to unlock and progress, also have been moved and made easier to find. Players can select a second ship, which is mainly cosmetic, or a tackle a new, tougher difficulty, ‘Nightmare’. While the ‘overdriven’ mechanic remains intact, there is an new fire mode, ‘boost’ which increases the strength of your regular shot temporarily. It’s activated by picking up twenty stars, the score multipliers that are left behind from defeated enemies.

The real meat of this update comes with the two new modes, ‘Color Reflex’, which takes the color-matching puzzles from the main game and gives them a separate, 28 level challenge, and ‘The Line’, Overdriven‘s take on the classic survivor formula, with a twist; not only must you survive against increasingly-tougher waves of enemies, but you must prevent them crossing the thin red line at the bottom of the screen. That line inches upward and retreats as you play, increasing the tension. Topping off the update are extra awardments / fake achievements.

Overdriven has seen an original price of 240 MSP, then a drop and subsequent sale at 80 MSP, where it’ll likely stay. The new content and modes are welcome extras. There’s the (less-likely) possibility of another update down the road, even a sequel has been mentioned, although the developer hasn’t committed to anything just yet. Consider this the definitive version until further notice.

New player ship, enhanced graphics, improved HUD.

12 thoughts on “‘Overdriven’ gets Improved Visuals, Plenty of New Content”

  1. Update to the Update: Overdriven has been reduced to 80 MSP again. It was raised for this update to protect against another future update, which would’ve raised the game’s size beyond the 150 MB limit for 80 MSP-priced games. The Dev is now fairly certain he’ll do a sequel before adding more to this game, so the price should stay at 80 MSP from this point on.

  2. I need to mention only one game where the price was kept at 80 but he continues to pour move love into the game and his sales are going through the roof because of this. That game is Bloody Checkers. I’m not in the debating mood so I will leave it at that. lol

    Oh and on a side note, when I first started reading this blog regarding the updates I went straight to xbox.com and searched for this game and saw the 240 price point and chose not to buy on first look. Did download the demo but to be honest their are many games just like this available already for 80 pts. OK…so I did put more than just 2 cents in but thought I would point this out. Not sure I will buy feeling as if I would have been a tester I could have paid 200% less. Just Saying!

    1. Bloody Checkers is a great value. Dead Pixels is another excellent example as well. As Cathy at Indie Gamer Chick always says, $1 buys you a lot these days. Overdriven is certainly not in that league, but I do feel it covers its cost with what it’s offering.

      Oh, and ‘blog’? I may fit the definition, but this here is an ‘establishment’, good sir. I do no blogging here. I consider my wares nothing less than ‘pieces’. Artistic, editorial, masterworks, what have you. 🙂

    2. Oh I beg you pardon kind sir! I agree with you on the Artistic Editorials and didn’t mean any sort of ill regards to my blogging comment. LOL

    3. Thanks for the great support on “BloodyCheckers”, hoping you love my next indie game which is a FPS (3rd person shooter) too….its a great COOP multiplayer with a survival/horror twist….Only problem is I have exceeded the 150 mb cap, which forces microsoft to make it 240 ms points 😦

    4. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Make it the best you possibly can, and the content / game will speak for and sell itself. Either way, I shall look forward to playing it. 🙂 I’d be glad to run a preview story with a trailer / screenshots when you’re closer to the release date.

    1. Thank you, sir. I always love a good debate. 🙂 It is becoming more and more fact, however, and I’m the exception. Price a game at 80, see more sales. It’s not what Devs want to hear, especially when they’ve worked on a game for a year or more, but it is the ‘smarter’ move.

  3. I enjoyed Overdriven anyway, so all this new content is very welcome. The new modes sound like nice, if not actually essential, additions.

    I think the price increase is an error though. Not that the game isn’t worth it, but my views on XBLIG pricing are well established. Unless it’s the second coming, people are reluctant to pay 240, and the increased return per sale isn’t going to be worth it.

    1. In general, I know you’re right about the 240 price point. Personally, it doesn’t bother me to buy those games, though I admit to cringing a bit whenever I see it, knowing the Devs are missing out on a significant audience. The argument over whether that’s a fair practice or not, as well as if Devs are entitled to charge more, has been asked and waged already.

      Ninja Crash, which I did the other day, sits at 240 currently. It’s a fun game, but I’m missing out on half the product because I lack a local co-op option. I make a mention of that for the very reason being you may feel cheated at that price. Overdriven, on the other hand, is single-player throughout, with the option for co-op, not the necessity. The price is a sticking point for some, but I’ll defend this one purely on the added work and content that have now been put into it, which is above and beyond what most Devs do with their game. It likely won’t translate to an uptick of new sales at 240, but that’s the risk you take in waiting to buy, I guess. XBLIG DLC / Add-Ons tend to be more like ‘thank-yous’ to early buyers anyway.

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