Prelude to the Uprising: XenoMiner

I decided to go with the more recent gameplay trailer here, rather than the one being used for the Uprising, as it was two months old. This one (from early August) shows off the new and improved (and possibly final form) HUD, as well as a little more of the minute to minute gameplay and crafting in action. On to the particulars!

XenoMiner  is the latest addition to the growing voxel-based sandbox genre. The adventure begins as you wake up after having crash-landed on Xenos, the largest moon orbiting a gas giant. With only a little oxygen in your spacesuit and a bit of salvage from the remains of your ship, you must find a way to survive alone in the harsh lunar environment. XenoMiner  brings several new concepts to the genre, such as futuristic technology, anti-gravity pads and gravity-bending boots, solar-powered drilling equipment with matter-to-energy storage, and programmable bots of alien origin. The bots can be programmed to dig and build through a scripting interface which allows players to program immense and amazing structures that are then built when the bot is deployed. If you’re done scratching around in the dirt with torches and stone age tools, then grab your plasma-drilling P.I.C.K., throw on your space suit, boot up the local copy of your constant AI companion DAI-SE (“Daisy”), craft a few spare Oxygen tanks in your Centriforge and then head out to find the real adventure amongst the stars.

I agree it’s tough to gauge exactly how XenoMiner will play from a two minute video, but from the description and what was shown, it’s clearly pushing for much more than the other Minecraft-ian clones currently available on the indie channel. While the open world and creative aspects will undoubtedly smack of Notch’s opus, the space setting and programmable bots do change up the visuals. The game itself places a greater emphasis on survival, and on building yourself back up; think Pikmin there. I’m very interested.


XenoMiner will be released on September 19th.

Interview on The Indie Mine

Preview on Clearance Bin Review

8 thoughts on “Prelude to the Uprising: XenoMiner”

    1. I probably would have, if not for the Uprising starting. I may go back to it. The demo was decent, in terms of how the gunplay felt (more Halo than COD, I think, solid) but I couldn’t test the multiplayer during the trial, obviously. The zombie mode they included was half-assed and not at all fun. Have you tried the online for it? I am curious to see how it plays.

  1. I’m kind of ashamed to say that had this not been in the Uprising I probably would have taken one look at it and dismissed it as just another crafting game. The mere fact that it’s in the Uprising means that I inspected it a little more closely, and I’m glad that I did so.

    1. I’m guilty of doing it too, for a lot of games, not just the crafters. My interest has increased with each mention or trailer, so they have to be doing something right. I just hope playing this isn’t a gateway drug into Minecraft and a serious addiction, otherwise my Uprising coverage might end with XenoMiner’s release. 🙂

    2. I guess that’s part of what the Uprising is about: exposing people to new things. Mainly to the Indie Channel itself (the first Uprising did that for me), but also to the quality titles coming out that we might otherwise have overlooked.
      Based on the trailers and write-ups, it looks like I’m going to buy every title. Can’t wait for it to begin!!

  2. I’ve never been all that interested in the block crafting type games out there, yet this one has got me quite intrigued. I think it’s because it has a good setting that actually provides a reason for the building elements (rather than just building stuff for the sake of it). Plus, being able to program bots to do the tedious stuff sounds pretty awesome.

    1. I too, am not a veteran of the crafting types, which means either XenoMiner will be really fresh to me, or I’ll be lost on the simplest tasks that others will breeze right through. Even if it wasn’t part of the Uprising, though, it’s got a unique angle. The genre could use a shot in the arm.

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