Prelude to the Uprising: Entropy

Back when the Dream.Build.Play competition had just closed for entries, and myself and others were busy picking through the lot, checking off favorites and ones to watch, Entropy’s visuals stood out to me. The game is simply gorgeous. My hat is tipped to Autotivity Entertainment for its craft. We all know looks will only get you so far, though, it’s your chemical makeup that’ll eventually decide your worth. There’s a surprising amount of care built-in for that too.

Awakened from a deep sleep, you discover yourself in the enigmatic world of Entropy. Follow the tempting little apparition that woke you from slumber, and solve mind-boggling puzzles along the way. Master over 25 challenging levels and exploit interactions between lava, acid, electricity and many other physical phenomenons to find your way through the world. Hell, you can even bend gravity to your will to perform otherwise impossible tasks (such as to avoid touching dangerous stuff)! Move back in time as needed – just in the event something goes wrong. All this takes place in a stunning and immersive 3D environment that is populated by mysterious creatures and their leftbehinds, waiting for someone to unveil the mystery.

While a good part of the fun will be had in messing around with the different elements in each stage, then resetting the destruction, the rooms and their puzzles will make or break the experience for most. I was relieved to hear the solutions won’t require a recital of the periodic table from memory or a college degree. It gives me a fighting chance at seeing the end and enjoying it for much more than its good looks.


Entropy will be released on September 17th, for 80 MSP.

Interview at The Indie Mine

Preview on Clearance Bin Review

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