Platforming Goes Vegetarian with ‘Face-Plant Adventures’

I was just saying the other day how we need more foliage at the forefront of our videogames, and lo! a preview for platformer Face-Plant Adventures appears. The game stars Florence Face-Plant (…yep) and features 11 hand-drawn levels that should offer up a wide variety of gameplay, if the trailer below is any indication.

With medals, unlockable awards, and online scoreboards, looks like we’ll be jumping, gliding, swimming and collecting our way through this one, boys and girls, and enjoying our fair share of dying, as well. Hopefully it doesn’t steer into ‘punishfomer’ territory and ruin the fun.

Face-Plant Adventures should be released in early September, for 80 MSP. It looks like a nifty little platformer, good enough to make the cut down to the Top 20 for Dream.Build.Play, and will be getting a review here. That’ll probably happen during the jam-packed ‘Uprising III’ release schedule, which is inevitably going to burn me out, but hey, we’ll cross that mental breakdown bridge when we get there.

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