Prelude to the Uprising: Smooth Operators

It wasn’t that long ago (a month and change, to be exact) that developer Andreas Heydeck and a smattering of indie journalists, including myself, helped judge the competition that gave this article its title. Now solidly-affixed to the outside of the building, the winning name (and yes, it’s Sade-approved) perfectly encapsulates the feel of the game, which looks to contain all the habit-forming sim-aspects that make micro-management games tough to set aside.

Create and build your own Call Center in Smooth Operators. Develop client relationships while balancing your financials and workload. Plan an efficient operation through micro management of your workforce. Can you create a successful Call Center?

It’s likely not the preferred work destination for most of us in real life, but it offers the chance to run the digital version, to divvy up the skills, set the schedules, and allow the bathroom breaks for dozens of tiny, cute, and fake office people. And you, the one phone to rule them all, able to reward and promote the worthy, or single out and needlessly torture employees that don’t tow your version of the company line.

Oh yeah. I’m already brushing up on my fake people skills.


Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos will be released on September 14th.

Interview at The Indie Mine

Preview on Clearance Bin Review

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