Prelude to the Uprising: Diehard Dungeon

Fresh from its inclusion in the Dream.Build.Play finals, and launching third for the Uprising III, Diehard Dungeon is a roguelike that looks like a winning mix of Zelda‘s dungeon crawling and The Binding of Issac. That latter mention may anger or excite a few, though the trailer hints at additional minigames and level choices, making Diehard Dungeon more ‘inspired by’ than copy.

“Welcome to the dungeon. Those (un)lucky few that are chosen, face great riches and great perils. Good luck!” A randomly generated dungeon is created every time you play. Discover the dungeon’s many secrets and multiple outcomes. Do you have what it takes to survive the dungeon?

The visuals here are sweet. Developer tricktale previously produced the Bullet Hell Vampire Rage, which at the very least proves they can work at multiple genres and styles comfortably. With DD, the promise and challenge of a new dungeon layout in every playthrough, along with that addictive, ‘one more time’ quality that roguelikes are good for, you won’t mind dying over it a few times in the name of fun.


Diehard Dungeon will be released on September 12th.

Interview on Clearance Bin Review

Preview on Clearance Bin Review

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