‘Aliens Vs. Romans’ is Such a Tease

No, seriously. So much so that I guarantee this story contains more info than the 42-second teaser trailer released by developer Sick Kreations, announcing their brand new IP, Aliens Vs. Romans. Fitting the developer’s M.O., the game will be an FPS.

If you take the title as its word, looks like we might see a Caesar Vs. E.T. or Russell Crowe Vs. ALF duel. Could happen, you never know. What is interesting, though, is the wording of the trailer, promising not just a single-player portion, but co-op and multiplayer as well. The rest is guesswork. As you can see or did see, the trailer isn’t much, just text, with a few seconds of their previous, previous, effort, Nuclear Wasteland 2030, mixed in, which isn’t all that reassuring if that’s their inspiration (I thought the game was kinda lacking). This game does, however, mark the first time the whole Sick Kreations team is together on a project since NW2030.

Still, with no visual or contradictory evidence to support a judgment, I have to sit on the optimists’ side of the fence for this announcement, as they’ve built up some cred with me after their decent multiplayer followup End of Days. That recently-deposed FPS favorite of mine (thanks to Avatar Laser Wars 2) is evidently still going strong, having received numerous patches for bugs and added content over the last few months.

And you can always check out those games while you wait, as there’s currently no release date for Aliens Vs. Romans is eyeing a late Winter 2012 release.

11 thoughts on “‘Aliens Vs. Romans’ is Such a Tease”

  1. Looks “prettier” than Nuclear Wasteland and End Of Days….as well I’m hoping for a story and not just a wave shooter. If you haven’t caught it by now I don’t play multiplayer games at all. I’m so old school we had a one room school house with a bell. LOL Point is there was only one multiplayer game that I ever got into and it was Battlefield 1942 on the PC. Since the whole WWII thing got overplayed I never got into any other games more than a passing interest and I love me some great story (kinda like being in your own movie) telling single player games. Most games for me concentrate to much on the multiplayer and I know I’m not the norm on this.

  2. Hey guys, John here. I’m the art director with sick kreations. This is a really cool post; we love all our fans and are working our butts off to bring you a new amazingly fun fps…… and yes that video is such a damn tease! Haha

    We will be working on getting out a trailer with in game footage along with some screenshots so you guys can check out the game. It’s really coming along, but still has some important work that we need to finish before release. We are hoping to release by the end of September.

    We are pretty confident you guys will dig this one, the art looks awesome, the guns are really unique and fun, and yes mowing the aliens down is a great time! Anyway to keep updated on game info, videos, and release information visit http://www.sickkreations.com. Thanks guys!

    1. Hey John:

      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the tentative release date! (Updated the story.) I wrote up the review for End of Days over at Gear-Fish, which I dug a lot, so I’m looking forward to seeing this game in action. Unique guns sounds good to me 🙂 I’ll post a longer preview for the game once a trailer and some screen shots are available. Best of luck in getting it finished and released!

    2. Right on man! We will keep you updated.

      Yeah we are using a lot of our multiplayer tech from End Of Days, for Aliens Vs Romans; so the multiplayer experience should be just as good on an awesome new map!

      I will contact you when we get the new trailer up ( should be within a week or two).

    1. I suppose I should rephrase my NW2030 comments to say it was adequate, but I hope they’re setting their sights a little higher for AvsR. 🙂

  3. I gather that the reason they harp on the Nuclear Wasteland angle is because this will be the first time the full Nuclear Wasteland team have worked together again. At least one of them was missing for End of Days.

    1. Read that on the site, completely slipped my mind to mention it. 🙂 Good catch. Really hoping it’s a story campaign and not just a wave shooter.

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