Roguelike ‘Dungeons of Desolation’ Promises Options

With games like Cursed Loot (a thanks to Alan at The Indie Ocean for the introduction) and Dungeons of Dredmor (another thanks, Alan), as well as the more recent, action-y Sushi Castle, the roguelike is fast becoming a genre type I’m taking more notice of.

Canadian developer OnlyLuck Interactive is looking to add itself to my personal list with the upcoming Dungeons of Desolation, which sees players descending into a labyrinth of monsters beneath the town of Desolation, all randomly-generated, of course. The art is crisp, if a little plain, and a Cursed Loot comparison wouldn’t be out of the question.

In addition to the roguelike features, DoD is promising a wealth of level-up options (90+ skills) and items (150+). The developer’s own playthrough recently clocked in at three hours, so there’s conceivably enough content and equipment possibilities to support any style of play.

Dungeons of Desolation is currently on track for a late August release, and will be reviewed here once its available.

For more info, see the developer’s website.

4 thoughts on “Roguelike ‘Dungeons of Desolation’ Promises Options”

  1. I’ll be watching this one like a hawk. Based on the video, it reminds me a bit of Dungeons of Dredmor (a roguelike that’s very much worth playing if you’re not averse to using your PC). The range of skills and items definitely has appeal – much though I like Cursed Loot, it does suffer from minimal variety in those areas, as do the more traditional roguelikes (Dungeon Adventure, Silent Call 1 & 2, Denizen’s Den).

    1. Ha. I knew you’d be interested. You’ve got much more knowledge in this area. I do love me some loot-hunting, though. That’s been known to carry me through a game all by itself.

      Never tried ‘Dredmor’ (PC averse, and all), but I can see the similarity. Guess we’ll find out soon how ‘Desolation’ stacks up.

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